A wedding! The perfect reason for new moms to dress in designer heels and a p(leather) midi.

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The Reason To Dress 

Going to a wedding in Italy is a big deal for me.  It means, I’ve made a friend who loves me enough to invite me to her wedding!  It means, I’m making meaningful new relationships….It means, I have a chance to wear really high heels!

This wedding was special because it was the wedding of my two English “students”,  it was planned in UNDER THREE WEEKS,  there were over 100 people and I helped her organize!

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What I Wore


So it helps that I work for a belt company, and that specifically I work for a luxury belt brand!  That would explain my real python leather trench belt in forest green!    I paired it with a Zara basic v-neck knit pullover (bought online on sale for 7 EURO!) and a grey leather Toty bag.


I bought this bag a few days before the wedding for only 60 EURO!  Ok let me fully express my enthusiasm for this bag.  60 Euro nowadays is nothing, we are talking about 80 dollars.  And since in Italy the price always includes the tax, it was just 60, not 62, 65 or 67!  I was leaving the market in the city centre where I buy friut and vegetables and I noticed that there was a little artisans market set up.  These bags totally stood out because of their nice shape and a huge sign above them that said “only 60 euro real leather” and I thought “yeah right”!  These days you can’t even find something made out of plastic for 60 euro!  So I went to investigate (aka shop!).


A real deal! The company selling them is a small local artisan company that designs and produces real leather bags, made right here in Italy by hand.  The quality of the leather is very nice and the brand is  called Toty.  ******POST UPDATE****** Toty Bags saw this post and has offered all REASONS TO DRESS readers a special offer.  With every purchase you get a free REAL LEATHER MAKE UP BAG when you type “reasonstodress.com” in the comments section of your order!!


How nice is that!

I’m going through a phase right now where I no longer want to buy fake leather shoes or bags….but as you can see from my skirt I have no issues wearing a fake leather skirt!


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My skirt. I wrote a full post about this skirt yesterday…it is one of my favourite Fashion Foresight™” buys of the summer.

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My shoes.  My shoes on the other hand were NOT A STEAL AT ALL. They are Roberto Cavalli shoes, that I bought a few years ago while taking a “workation” in New York.  “Workation” being when you go somewhere for work and you work-in a little vacation!

I passed this boutique in Manhattan and the window was very inviting.  I  think there was even something on sale in the window, otherwise why would I have stepped in?! Anyways I fell in love with these and spent a lot of money on them.  Like a lot.  I don’t remember how much, but I remember crying at some point!  I really regretted the purchase, because I was just thinking about money.  But man are these shoes amazing.  Not only are they actually not bad in terms of comfort.  I mean, I wouldn’t call them comfortable, by any means.  It’s not like I would just throw these puppies on to go for a brisk two hour walk or somehting, but they are bearable!

I don’t know why women wear heels, why do we do this to ourselves?  No wait.  I DO KNOW WHY.  Because heels are amazing! They are the epitome of femininity, they elongate your whole body, they accentuate curves, they make your walk special, your thighs slimmer and your sex appealing-er!

Here’s an interesting differnce between Italy and North America.  In Italy women wear heels all the time.  We’re talking grocery shopping, for a Wednesday ice cream stroll, on their bikes, pushing their strollers, carrying their toddlers, and on cobblestone streets.  I don’t even know how they manage on the cobblestone streets, it’s like a death trap, but they somehow manage. I haven’t quite reached that level of Italianazation, but I did look forward to this wedding for the specific possability of wearing my Cavalli booties out and about.

Schermata 2013-10-21 a 05.43.55My Cavalli booties were bought a few years ago so I can’t find the same pair online, however, these Lanvin booties, also in an animal print, give a pretty similar effect.  I wouldn’t go so far as to call them “new mom staples”! But I would say that although luxury designer heels and a toddler aren’t a practical combination, they sure are a glamourous one!

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  • great outfit – that bag was such a steal for sure!
    — jackie @ jade and oak

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    • Thank you! I love this bag, I use it everyday and have to force myself to use another. Loved your makeup hoarding post btw. I am also a hoarder but not in a stylish way like you!

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  • I love that skirt, it’s gorgeous! And the booties are perfect!

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    • Thank you! I should send you this skirt, since apparently as a fashion blogger I can only wear it so many times and I bet it would look amazing on you!

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  • I love the way you styled your hair! and that skirt is very lovely! It really is fun to have different reasons to get dressed up…though I don’t think I could ever manage wearing heels on a daily basis…

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    • I don’t wear heels everyday. And actually, I normally don’t wear them in my fashion posts either, since I want to show what I actually wore to leave the house. Dressing for a fashion post is a lot different because you can quickly run out, take pictures and then run back in and change into your jammies and slippers. But, because of this fact I have very few nice “look at my killer heels” posts. And let’s be honest, if you want to take an “everyday” fashion post and turn it into a “fashion bloggers” outfit post just add killer heels!

      And I just visited your blog…it is great. is the blue in your hair permanent? I heart it.

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  • Whoa…hand over those animal print booties and nobody gets hurt! Hopped over from Get Your Pretty On – have a wonderful Wednesday!

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    • What’s your size? I may consider a swap! Actually I JUST GAVE AWAY a fantastic pair of real python leather heels from a brand called L’Autre Chose. They were something like 200 euro but no longer fit, because after my pregnancy my feet changed ;( SADNESS. I’ll keep you in mind the next time I’m spring cleaning!

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  • Stopping by from Style Sessions! Those shoes might have cost a pretty penny, but they’re beautiful! Worth every cent!

    <3 Vicki

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  • Woah this was planned under three weeks?! How did you two even manage that haha that’s very impressive. And you look lovely! That burgundy pleather midi is SUCH a stunning piece, I’m in love with it!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

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  • Heels definitely make me feel more confident and attractive! I wish I had more excuses to wear them!

    ♥Emma, of It’s Emma Elise

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    • I also wish I had more excuses to wear them. I mean, Italian women seem to wear them for no reason at all and I’m often inspired to do so, but not without feeling a little silly.

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