Acrobats up the Ghirlandina


In Modena, there is something in the piazza almost every weekend.  And during some months you can find something in the centre everyday of the week, like in July, August, September and December.

On this particular occasion in mid-May, the city had hired acrobatic performers to do an interpretive 3-D dance thing up the Ghirlandina tower in the piazza.  There was techno music blaring on massive speakers while acrobats jumped and swirled to the beat.


We caught the show at 9 pm and the crowd that was gathered was everyone from old people to babies.


The Man and I took out Z, and the three of us got all dolled up for the occasion.  We actually didn’t know that this event was happening in the centre, and just thought we’d go for a walk.  One of the biggest differences I’ve noticed between North America and Italy, is that here, there is always something happening.  Just leave the house, and you will find something to do.  Most things are free, in an open air setting and definitely inviting for kids.  But I attribute this to the fundamental difference with which Italians and North Americans view family life.

Here you don’t die as an individual interested in socializing when you have kids,  you merely make another person that will want to socialize!

So as many events as possible are based on families, or are as inviting as possible to families.