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About Me



Hi I’m Angie!

I’m Italian-Canadian.

My parents are both Italians who immigrated to Canada, fell in love, got married and had 4 kids. None of us learned “real” Italian, but a strange English- Sicilian dialect!

I turn 36 in August, am 4’ 10” and recently learned to drive manual transmission and pass my Italian driving test, which is probably one of my biggest life accomplishments!

I’ve participated in the Liebster Award Q & A, so if you’re looking for juicy gossip, what’s in my purse and what my favorite food is you’ll find that all here.

I have a degree from the University of Toronto in Arts + Management, so I studied marketing and economics and also visual and performing arts. I love budgets as much as I love Van Gogh!


I grew up in Ontario, Canada and moved to Italy just before Christmas in 2007  when I decided to learn Italian and dance the tarantella  – consider it my quarter life crisis!



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I’m married to an Italian artisan and together we work for his exotic leather belt company – TES!  I met this man dancing the tarantella, but it was thanks to a stranger in Milan that we stayed together.  I’ve blogged a bit about our wedding here.





I had his baby, who is a super cute, feisty red head, and for about two years this blog was dedicated to the reasons I found to dress while staying at home with him!  Modena is a SAHM’s paradise and you can find a lot of articles on the blog dedicated to raising a bilingual kid, mom street style and kid-friendly vacation ideas, events and hotel suggestions.


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How I Make a Living


In Canada I did a variety of things for ten or so years including Loyalty Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Event Planning and Public Relations.  In almost all of these positions I was working in an office and *suffering* (in a first world sort of way).  At some point I sold my car, rented my house, packed 10 boxes and moved to Milan,Italy.

I now work for my husband’s leather accessories company and together we create affordable luxury items.  In 2016 we’ll be launching a women’s line and a men’s line and in the meantime we produce for some of the world’s most important designer brands, specializing in exotic leather accessories in crocodile, alligator, python and lizard.

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You can read a bit about my husband and his family in this post and keep your eyes open for our Kickstarter Campaign where we will sell the exact same designer quality items that you’re used to seeing from big brands at 1/6th the cost!  I’m documenting the building of a new brand step by step and sharing all of my sample collection designs as I finish them.

A form-fitting look on the blog today.  You know I've always hated my hips!  From the time I was 9 years old I thought they were too big, too curvy...too...hippy for someone that is barely 5 feet tall! As much as I don't care about the Kardashian's you can't deny that they've brought "curves" back in style and I would rather see women embracing their natural bodies instead of hating them!  Keeping this in mind....I'm working with a few new sponsors on the blog to bring you more hip hugging outfits!  I've also been approached by a few lingerie brands but I'm not 100% sure I'm ready to go there yet! This belt is another design from the sample collection, I would love to get your feedback - Link in bio!

I have been working in the luxury leather accessories business for the past decade or so, representing brands at the Pitti Men’s Fashion Fair in Florence, the WHITE Showroom in Milan and the TRANOI fashion expo in Paris as well as an array of designer Showroom collaborations.  I currently collaborate with Italy’s CNA, the Italian Association of Artisans and Businesses  to train up and coming leather artisans in English leather terminology and leather quality recognition.


I am a also a freelance journalist and contribute monthly to one of America’s most important publications for Italian culture, the 100-year old Italo Americano Newspaper based out of California.  I regularly contribute to the Independent Fashion Bloggers Community, the biggest online community of fashion bloggers with over 68,000 members.  You can read my first article hereA Guide to Milan Fashion Week for Beginner Bloggers“.


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I am a woman of many passions but on the blog and in the RTD Magazine I focus on fashion, styling tips, street style , trend analysis and of course TRAVEL because what good are clothes if you have no where to go!




New in 2016 a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to Lifestyle Articles including in-depth fashion reviews, travel articles, fashion blogger interviews and trends.


Sign up to be the first to see the content and let me know if you would like to contribute or if you have any ideas.  Every two month there will be a new issue and old issues are archived on the blog!


The #REASONSTODRESS Dress to Impress Linkup

Any reason is a good reason to look your best and you don’t need to be a fashion blogger to show off what you wore!  Every week on Tuesdays I host the #REASONSTODRESS Dress to Impress linkup where you can share an Instagram photo of your outfit or a link to your blog post.


I feature bloggers regularly as co-hosts and would love to have you involved!















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