Italian “Rituals”

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A Day in the Life – Postcards from Romagna


The Riviera Romangola – The June Ritual of beach going in Emilia Romagna

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Italian Kids stay up late! – Nessun Dorma


Il Cambio Armadio – The Italian Ritual of Season Closet Switching!


The Art of Easter Traditions in Italy

Reasons to Dress Carnevale dei Bambini Spilamberto Modena Italy Carnival Children Children's Carnival things to do in Modena, things to do in spilamberto italy, things to do in Bologna in February things to do in Italy in February

in Italy carnival is “everywhere” – even the smallest towns have a carnevale Aperitivo at Mon Cafè in Modena, Italy

the aperitivo, a civilized way to snack at mon cafè (modena, italy)

rituals : bar schiavoni on christmas eve

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“La Vendemmia” Picking wine grapes with my toddler in the Italian countryside

Aperitivo – The Italian Pre-Dinner Drink