“chiacchiere” – chit chat!

“Chiacchiere” is the Italian word for chit chat, and Italians are famous for it! “Facciamo due chiacchiere” – “Let make two chit chats” is what friends would say to each other when they want to make small talk and catch up. Here you’ll find all of the random posts I write about life, projects, blogging, thoughts or new endeavors that don’t really fit anywhere else!

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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A Fashion Blogger’s Worst Nightmare – Loosing Your Luggage on Vacation

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Longing for a Spring beach date


Save Your Marriage – Invest in Non Iron Shirts!

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Growing up Artisan in Italy ! Can you teach someone expertise?


Confession. A Blogging Dilemma – How to be “real” in a world that loves fakes and still make it as a blogger.

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Mother Nature’s School – The Italian Path


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I  exaggerated at the market and bought a *little* too much basil. At least the people of Genoa have invented a tasty recipe that's used it all up. Two hours later and we have enough  to last us 'till 2016 !

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