Living in Italy has a lot of perks (just don’t look at the political side of things!) and, one of those perks is that certain industries and careers exist here that just don’t exist in North America. For example, I work for a small artisan leather accessory brand that specializes in exotic leather goods. We’re talking alligator, python and lizard along with the nicest calf leather on the planet. I’ve had the pleasure of representing this brand for a few years, which means travelling to Paris, London, Milan, NY and Florence and meeting the best (and worst) that the “industry” has to offer. I’d love to share what I’ve learned about working in Fashion and how to survive this industry when you don’t make luxury money.

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Interview with Brenda Bellei – Co-Founder of the WHITE SHOW FASHION FAIR in Milan, Italy

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Reporting live from the WHITE SHOW at the Milan Fashion Week

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Everyone Starts Somewhere – The Milan Fashion Week for Nobodies!

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Growing up Artisan in Italy ! Can you teach someone expertise?

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The Modern Day Italian Artisan – Be*Why Accessories


PERCEPTIO {seize, conceive, perceive}

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The Men’s Fashion World….It’s a Pitti.

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WOW/CRACY is democracy in Fashion & I vote Hiroko Higuchi