Finally, a real introduction.

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I’ve been writing this blog since September 2013, at some point in January 2014 I decided to start “marketing” and I’m happy to say that I actually have a few readers!


After all of this time existing without an “About Me” page, I decided to finally publish one.

I think I owe you all a real introduction…….


About Me



Hi I’m Angie!

I’m Italian-Canadian.

My parents are both Italians who immigrated to Canada, fell in love, got married and had 4 kids. None of us learned “real” Italian, but a strange English- Sicilian dialect!

I turn 35 in August, am 4’ 10” and recently learned to drive manual transmission and pass my Italian driving test, which is probably one of my biggest life accomplishments! See one of my BEST parking jobs here!

I’ve participated in the Liebster Award Q & A, so if you’re looking for juicy gossip, what’s in my purse and what my favorite food is you’ll find that all here.

I have a degree from the University of Toronto in Arts + Management, so I studied marketing and economics and also visual and performing arts. I love budgets as much as I love Van Gogh!


I grew up in Ontario, Canada and moved to Italy just before Christmas,  7 and a half years ago when I decided to learn Italian and dance the tarantella  – consider it my quarter life crisis!



I’m married to an Italian artisan and together we work for his exotic leather belt company – TES!


I met this man dancing the tarantella, but it was thanks to a stranger in Milan that we stayed together.





I had his baby, who is a super cute, feisty red head.


I’m a work at home mom, meaning between the hours of 4 and 8 am I work on this blog, manage my husband’s belt brands and do home workout videos!


I’m a stay at home mom from 8 am to 8 pm daily, and proud to say my little guy is fully bilingual. Together, we have the time of our lives in Modena, Italy, which is a paradise for the stay at home mom.



I love “researching” on the internet aka surfing the web like its going out of style. I try to get the look for less by staying ahead of the trends, while not becoming a fashion victim (I said “I try”!).


I love fashion and traveling and thought becoming a stay at home mom meant I would be stricken to a life of jogging pants and isolation.


Thankfully, I was wrong!


Living in Italy, I’ve picked up a few tips from Italians including how to dress for no occasion at all, making everything “an occasion” and how to appreciate the finer things in life even as a parent (who knew!). Italians bring their kids everywhere and they stay up LATE…maybe even a little too late!


I’m pretty cheap and also relatively poor compared to my North American counterparts, which is not easy when you work in fashion! Yet, I manage to save money, travel and indulge in both high quality and fast fashion items while still eating…even if it means I need to cook all the time!


I have a hard time staying put, so every month I try to go on a local adventure and discover more about Italy. I appreciate even the briefest outings whether they be to a car museum, Kid’s Museum or Medieval Castle, and I bring my son EVERYWHERE.  Any reason to dress is a good reason to get out and live life.


Oh, and I love stories!
 –  A Lifestyle Blog { Fashion, Travel & Life as a Mom in the Bel Paese }


So what’s this blog all about?


This is a blog about my passions and the things I have a strong desire to share. This isn’t a niche blog, but it is an honest, passionate and in-depth record of real life in Italy as it relates to fashion, travel and being a mom.


I am what Italians refer to as a “chicchierona”, which means “super big chatterbox”!  This is where I chat away about:


My expat adventures, how and why I came to Italy, what life is like here, the differences between living in Italy vs. living in North America, “becoming Italian” and living “la bella vita” or even the “not so bella vita”, which is also a reality.


I also blog about Italian “rituals” like the aperitivo, going to the beach in the summer, why stores are closed on Sundays and “Ferragosto”; why Italians shut down in August.


Modena, Italy:

This is where I live now and I’m so happy to be here! I share my favourite places to eat, shop, play and visit. I provide insights into what to do when visiting Modena and the surrounding areas, including daytrips to other cities like Bologna.

I’m a “foodie”, so you’ll find reviews of my favourite places like the Osteria Francescana  (yes the number 3 restaurant in the WORLD is in Modena and I’ve been!), Italy’s best panino and where to eat the best gnocco fritto, a typical street food in this area.


A Normal Person's Review of the World's Best Restaurant - Modena, Italy

A Normal Person’s Review of the World’s Best Restaurant – Modena, Italy



Combine obsessive research with a desire to travel and you have a lot of posts about my travels and the things I discover! I share kid friendly destinations like a visit to a water workshop in the Apennines, what to do in Copenhagen on a Monday, what to see in Milan for free, visiting Italy’s “Teaching Farms” and where to find a hipster hangout in Rome.



Reasons to is not a typical fashion blog but I’ve accepted the fact that I am a fashion blogger! (who knew!) I love sharing what I ACTUALLY wore and why I dressed.   I want to inspire other English women to be a little more “Italian” and not worry about the criticism that can often come with “dressing up”.  Looking your best makes you feel good because clothes have the power to transform us.  Italians know this well and look for any reason to dress up and look their best!


If you think that you can live in Italy without thinking about fashion think again!! This country is a hotbed for the World’s top designers and luxury products.  Many people are in some way connected to the fashion industry (like my husband and I).  Here, it is much more than a frivolous detail and there are even unwritten rules about how to dress (don’t forget your scarf and leave your sandals at home if visiting Rome in the Spring!).

Italian Mom Street Style & the #reasonstodress linkup:

Just to prove that I’m not lying about Italian moms looking fab (no matter where they go), I decided to start a weekly street style series.   Every week, I try to share Italian street style and although I mainly focus on moms I’ve also featured looks from fashion weekother bloggers, real dad style and even my fabulous READERS‘ style!


I now host a weekly linkup every Tuesday called #reasonstodress where all bloggers can linkup their style posts to inspire not only others but themselves to look their best.



Hand Made:

Recently, I started a new series dedicated to all things “hand made” in Italy, from leather artisans and Murano glass jewellers, to the people creating Italy’s signature food items like traditional balsamic vinegar. Made in Italy is a powerful and important statement and  I delve into the people behind the label.



What’s the use of finding all of this great stuff if I don’t share?  I love telling stories about the products I’ve discovered and also sharing the opportunity to win something for yourself! All giveaways are open internationally as a thank you to everyone who reads along.



And that’s it!




I would love to have you as a reader, and if you’d like to follow along you can find me sharing my posts on Facebook, tweeting out articles from my blogging friends on twitter, sharing real life moments on Instagram, pinning future fashion trends and travel destinations on Pinterest and joining in on communities on Google + !


If you want to find something specific feel free to search through my categories or visit my Archives page, you can sort it by tags and categories.


I love hearing your feedback so please fee free to leave me a comment here or on any post. It may take me a while but I respond to comments and will also pay a visit to your blog if you have one.


I’m always looking for new collaborations so if you have something in mind please feel free to email me at



And feel free to follow Reasons to Dress on Bloglovin’ so you never miss a post!

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  • I love this, Angie! It could serve as your media kit, if you don’t have one already. Your photography is gorgeous! And I love the different features of your blog. It’s been so much fun following your life in Italy. It reminds me of Galicia, when I walk around the cities…people do dress, for seemingly no reason at all. But there is a definite effort in their dress. Anyway…this is fabulous! What a great peek into the woman behind the blog. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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    • My media kit is so awful, it is just as scatter brained as me …and my blog!!! But thank you for your very nice and positive words. Thank you so much for following along Kelly you and your relationship are such a huge inspiration!

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  • Amazing About Me page, Angie! You outside yourself. Love all the gorgeous photos you shared and learning more about to you. Happy weekend!

    View Comment
    • Thank you Jill, I don’t know why it has taken me so long to put this together, and I’m sure I broke every rule about being “concise” and too the point, but oh well!

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  • Elizabeth

    Very nice introduction! You are such a facinating person I love keeping up with another expat Mom who truly appreciates artisans 🙂

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  • Such a great introduction Angie:) Your town truly sounds amazing, and your little boy, he is so adorable!

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  • Deer Lily

    Hi Angie!! So I’ve been poking around your blog and it is so much fun!! I have a hard time getting through one entry before I get curious to check out another…there are just so many interesting posts to check out. I loved this entry and getting to know you and your blog a little better!! It’s great! P.S. I didn’t get to see that amazing hair color of your son’s at the park when we met and WOW, that color is amazing and he is adorable!!! Have a great weekend! Adrienne

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    • Adrienne, when I read this comment the other day it made me so happy you have no idea!!! I can’t wait to hang out as soon as we find the time. I’ve also started making a list of vegetarian places in modena for you so we can have some good lunch options!

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  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading more about you, especially since I am a newer reader of your blog. Wow, what an interesting life you have! I need to come back and read more about how you met your husband when I have time.

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    • you know what I’ve learned about “interesting”…..I’ve learned that everyone has a story to tell and you wold never expect it. I thought this woman I used to work with was so “boring” and then I learned she was an avid sky diver….who knew! Carrie you do so many great things I would NEVER be organized enough to pull off…like EVER and that to me makes you really interesting too.

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  • Beautiful! I love love learning about your life. You have such an amazing energy that comes out in your writing and makes me feel like we’ve been the bestest of friends for years. Your little guys is so so.adorable and that last purse did I miss that on the blog? Gorgeous

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    • you missed that giveaway in your blogging vacation….. but don’t worry in May I’ll be doing another giveaway for the same bag but in Silver!!!

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  • By the way we should be early morning chat friends! I m not up at 4 but by 5 I’m ready to go!

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  • (I’m just realizing that my other looong comment erased itself… or something. Here goes: I love the energy I can in your writing – it makes me feel like your a pint size whirl wind doing it all – and looking good (which I think moms know between wrangling a toddler, searching for husbands “lost articles” it’s difficult to say the least). Un bacio

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    • you are so great. I HATE when my long comments get erased it is so demoralizing. In this case, I now have my very own blog troll and so to prevent them from posting whatever they want I now screen my comments! I’m going to be featuring your look on Tuesday and I’m so glad that you follow along and that you are back to writing. And YES let’s be early morning buddies!

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  • I’m so glad to learn a little more about you. Meeting via Tarantella is such a romantic story. I always thought you looked Italian even though you’re Canadian, and now I know why. Being stylish is probably one of my biggest challenges, so you’ll be glad to know that your blog is helping me get a little more fashionable.

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    • Well….this just won “feel good compliment comment of the year” award!!! If you ever feel up to sending me a picture, even in a totally normal outfit, but one that you feel good in, I WOULD LOVE TO FEATURE YOU. Like LOVE.

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  • Merci

    Amazing, Italy sounds an interesting country.

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    • Italy is very interesting, because there is so much history and culture here. More than anything it has taught me that you can find something interesting to do and see anywhere as long as you make the effort.

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  • Beatrice

    Hello Angie, a very lovely “about me” article:) Bea

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    • Beatrice thank you so much for reading along and supporting the blog. Maybe I could feature some of your creations in the future?

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  • A well-presented introduction! Well done!

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  • ADA

    Loved reading this about-me section of yours, Angie. My first post ever wasn’t the typical introduction either. I might do one of these soon, maybe sometime on my birthday month, in early May.

    All the photos are here are beautiful and your beauty shines through from inner to outter!

    <3 Ada.

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  • Vicky Mason

    This is great! So good to meet you finally!! 🙂 I have loved going through your photos and blog. I’m happy to co-host with you too! Keep it up!

    Thanks for linking up at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!



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  • Such an amazing “About Me” page, you writing is always beautiful and it really shows how much passion and effort you put into your blog! You are such a relatable person, & your posts are so thoughtful and detailed. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you through blogging Angie and it’s nice to connect with a fellow Torontonian even though you are all they way in Italy;) By the way I would love to co-host your link-up one Tuesday, sorry for not responding to you about this sooner. Just send me an e-mail with the details.

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  • I agree with Kelly, this is such a thorough introduction of you and your blog – all you’d need to do is transfer it to a media kit, add stats, and hey presto! I love dressing every day – I mean properly dressing, and am not afraid to wear heels to the school drop, I’ll wear what I like when I please. What’s the use of having gorgeous stuff in the wardrobe and never wearing it?! Love your blog and how varied it is – we don’t need to be pigeon-holed, fashion blogger, mummy blogger, lifestyle blogger, it’s all different parts of what we do, like being mother, wife, friend, and most importantly, our fabulous darn selves! xx

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  • jess

    Angie, this is a great overview on you, Italy, and your family. It looks as though you have shared and learned much about the culture and thank you for bringing us such interesting info. Love the dressing up for no occasion, and your adorable son with red hair.I will need more time to go through the pics, but beautiufl photos. Well done.

    I am hosting my first Turning Heads Tuesday link up, and would love to see you there today.

    jess xo

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  • Kay

    Hi, nice to meet you! I moved to Italy on my own 8 years ago, and in that time have acquired some language (never quite enough) and two little dogs. I write children’s books and, of course, being a lady of mature years, I have half a novel buried somewhere in my laptop. I love the positive energy in your blog (and the gorgeous photos). 🙂 I admire people who are confident putting their personal life out for all of us to enjoy. For myself, I found that the more followers I had the less personal I made my posts. I’m secretly a little shy at heart.

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  • Jill Pennington

    Great blog, I’m in the mountains near Reggio Emilia, been here 11 years, love it!

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