What’s the name of the outlet!? Finally I have time …

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What’s the name of the outlet!? Finally I have time to catch up on all of your posts as I’m back in Rome and done with Christmas! This is my year to be more greatful too. What a shitty year I had last year -so I’m ready for (and willing too) try for a more positive year.

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Lady in Red
Finnnnnally i have a moment to catch up on your life. It decided to pour so im stuck inside the bar with my lady lookinh at me like im nuts because im on my second cappuccino.
anyways this dress is to die for. I need it my life but need to see if they have another color besides red.
About to head up to milan for a few days – which im dreading as i never really have ‘found’ milan…

One of my favorite things bout ER is the SHOES! I had no clue it was considered the shoe capital until I saw that HUGE red shoe in Savignano.
I’m one of those traditional people that would have LOVED to have learned an old trade…
UPDATED. My dad is glaring at me as he is a master woods craftsman. haha. #summergoals

Dressing for a Christmas Party – Go beyond your LBD with some color!
We, or rather at least flo and I, are going to be in Bologna!!!! I’ll email you later this week!!!

Dressing for a Christmas Party – Go beyond your LBD with some color!
I love the belts!!!!! When I worked in accessories my favorite part was always the day the collection came in after months of emails and whatnot. I know your busy with this collection but I would love love to see small a structured handbag! Every small “made in Italy” bag I pass is clunky and the leather is just ick. All the well designed items are just so huge and… I don’t think modern is the right word but I feel like a lot of the Italian artists I know like fear designing something old fashioned!

I love the waist belts! As a woman who wears pants 1% of the year I never find a well fitted waist belt!

I can’t wait to see all you are up to in 2016!

Confession. A Blogging Dilemma – How to be “real” in a world that loves fakes and still make it as a blogger.
Keep going! I love reading the realness of your life! The time pressure is one of the big aspects (or rather negatives of blogging) is the amount of time. That’s partially why I stopped blogging I have little will power and found myself ignoring my daughter. Maybe find a local friend to take pictures for you?