Wow! It is gorgeous there! I’ll have to keep in …

Comment on Hiking with a Stroller in Italy? Yes! It Can Be Done! by Elizabeth Georgian.

Wow! It is gorgeous there! I’ll have to keep in mind hiking with a stroller. We love hiking and on the few short walks we’ve done we’ve carried Baby ISO in a carrier. For now it’s fine, but when he is a bit heavier I’m not sure I’ll be able to carry him for long enough. A stroller would be perfect though!

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Merry Christmas, Angie! I hope you have a great 2017!

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I guess I quite like the shorts! They don’t seem too short and because your butt is covered it seems more appropriate. What else do you wear on a really hot day anyways?

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I bet you would love this trip! I loved Athens and would love to head back to Greece to spend more time island hopping. I hope you do make it there next year!

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You’ve got so many great things going right now – you rock!! I totally love that belt and want it in black 🙂

So interesting! Thanks for sharing! I also love the color of your scarf 🙂