Let’s match, and go for a ride!

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A bike ride in the centre of the city. Modena, is completely connected by bike paths.  I can get literally everywhere on my bike and if I can’t get there by bike it probably isn’t worth going to!

One of the hardest things with having a small baby was passing almost a year without taking my bike anywhere.  Now that he is over a year old and summer has arrived I’ve invested in a *new* (actually used, but new to me!) bike with a super special bike seat.


I got my Italian driver’s licence while I was pregnant AND I learned to drive a standard car, which in my North American books makes me pretty special!  Even though I can drive on these Italian streets,  somehow life is just a little more relaxing if I can take my bike.  So until the weather changes and my legs hold out, me + toddler + my bike is all I need this summer.

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Teal high-waisted soft silk shorts (found here) with horizontal pleating along the top, white body tank top, cranberry leather satchel “the sac” bag and thong sandals in pink patent leather.

Z wore a super cool adjustable helmet with visor, I talk about this amazing find here (it is made for tiny infant heads ad is fully adjustable!).