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Is it just me or is time getting faster?
Tuesday goes and then, just like that, its back again.

I’m going through a weird phase right now.  My son turns 3 at the end of March and starts real Italian kindergarten in September.  I feel like I only have a few more precious months to enjoy him before he turns into a “big boy”.  I know I’m being silly….or am I?


I’ve always thought of September at the real “New Year”, when we all go back to school and become adults and responsible.  It may only be January, but in my mind it is already the end of August and I’m worried about how fast time has flown and continues to fly.


real mom in style, real mom style, italian style, italian way of life, linkups, fashion blogger, blogger di moda, blogger di moda in modena, women's fashion blogger, blogger discover new brands, Expat fashion blogger, italian english blogger, blog dedicated to trends, fall and winter trends, trends for moms, momtrends, multitasking mom, being a stylish mom, multitasking in style,, reasons to dress, #reasonstodress, italian lifestyle blog, #lblogger,#lifestyleblogger


Which brings me to multi-tasking.  We all do it.  Some are better than others.  Working from home means I do it quite often, at least, if I want to have a “productive” day.  But I probably don’t do it any more or any less than any other person…especially any other mom.  Multitasking is the norm ….however, there are times when I just don’t want to.


There are times I just want to sing my damn ABC’s and live that moment.  Cuddle in bed and not get up to check email, and read a story without worrying about “missing” something on social networks.   But the truth is that I also love working, love my projects and NEED something all for myself.   So, in an attempt to find balance I am going to try and really focus on my son when I can before September, because I know that come the Fall he will do his own thing and I’ll have way more time to do mine.


I have some great projects coming up.  Today’s post, aside from featuring this pretty sexy and stylish multitasking mom of 2’s style, is about sharing what’s bubbling under the surface.

real mom in style, real mom style, italian style, italian way of life, linkups, fashion blogger, blogger di moda, blogger di moda in modena, women's fashion blogger, blogger discover new brands, Expat fashion blogger, italian english blogger, blog dedicated to trends, fall and winter trends, trends for moms, momtrends, multitasking mom, being a stylish mom, multitasking in style,, reasons to dress, #reasonstodress, italian lifestyle blog, #lblogger,#lifestyleblogger



And lots of them!  I’m now working with so many great artisan brands who want to do awesome international giveaways and get their products known!! Aside from the Artisans, I’m collaborating on a few projects for the big EXPO happening in Milan this year, a few great tourist spots and local producers and even a new project with another Italian blogger!


The thing I wasn’t prepared for was that all of these projects take TIME, and require a lot of planning, meetings and discussions.  Before blogging I never thought about all of the effort that goes into the preparation of every single post…. now I know!



I’m helping my husband launch two new brands and online stores this year, which you will soon hear about (to no end, sorry!).  We’ll also host a few giveaways and I have some special projects that I WOULD LOVE to get bloggers involved with, so please let me know if you are interested!  I already have something cool underway with one of my favorite bloggers The European Malteser!



I’m slowly starting a new blog!! In the last few months I’ve gathered so much Gluten Free restaurant information that I realized it deserves its own space.  I will re-publish a few of the posts here for anyone that is interested, but I’ll try to keep most of my GF-excitedness on the other blog.  I realize that this is one project that will wait until September to get rolling!  I wanted to start it sooner, but with only 24 hours in the day, that feel much more like 10, this will really get rolling in the Fall.  Please follow along on all of my new social networks if you are interested in Gluten Free travel here!



Starting in February I will be a new contributor to the site Italian Storytellers.  If you’ve never heard of this site, I really recommend it to anyone planning a visit to Italy! It is written in English by locals living throughout Italy and is focused on regional events, traditions and cultures.  I’m so proud to be a part of this and my articles will focus specifically on things to do, see and taste in Emilia Romagna, the region where I live.  Don’t worry about missing a post, whenever I publish something on Italian Storytellers I’ll share the article on my Facebook and Twitter accounts!





I’m not a “travel blogger”  but I read a lot of INCREDIBLE TRAVEL BLOGS like:

A Crowded Planet – check out their  Milan Mondays! My favorite posts are about their incredibly daring international travels, you will not BELIEVE the things they have done!  They also hosts a travel linkup every Wednesday, #WEROAM !

In Search Of – Written by an expat living in Lithuania and traveling through Europe (she was also just in Rome!).  An in-depth guide to Lithuania and a very grassroots local’s approach to seeing Europe.

Unlocking Kiki – A super cute American living in Iceland, she has me wishing I was planning a trip there now!

Chasing the Donkey – An Australian expat living in Croatia and writing a very detailed blog all about this incredible country from the inside out.  She’s also created a huge travel blogger community that I’m a part of.  if you’ve ever though about going to Croatia I recommend you start here! Visit on Sundays for her huge travel blogger linkup!

The Seychelles Mama – This mom and her cute family have moved to the Seychelles, and as jealous as I can be seeing her beautiful beach photos in the middle of the winter, I love her expat perspective on life!  she also hosts a monthly Expat Family linkup!


You know, once I wanted to be a part of this “travel bloggers” thing, and when I sent them my application they rejected me. It’s ok though.  They said that I was not a travel blog.  Ok, so I’m not a travel blog, HOWEVER,  I do really in-depth articles about fantastic local places to see that no one else EVER talks about, like; this post on the Rocca di Vignola, the Di Onda in Onda workshoup in the Appenines, small towns like Fanano and what to do on a rainy Monday in Copenhagen when all the museums are closed!


And then I realized that, like me, there are many lifestyle bloggers that blog about local events.  Like Spashionista’s review of a visit to the Nashville Riverwood Mansion,  or Hannah at Mums’ Days visits to a different Northumberland Castle a Week!


So I’m starting a new linkup and I am looking for co-hosts to help me!  This will be a travel linkup for all NON TRAVEL AND TRAVEL BLOGGERS.  All articles related to travel, especially local can be linked up, and you do NOT NEED to be a travel blogger to join!
*** This linkup may be a little different from my standard Tuesday Real Mom Street Style linkup, because linkups are a LOT OF WORK!!! Linkups mean writing a post, visiting other blogs, sharing content and featuring bloggers, creating community and finding friends!  ***


But, I’m thinking LONG TERM HERE.  And since, in September my little man will be at school all day and I will still be working from home, I will be dedicating even more of my time to blogging, linking up, commenting and making the most of working online!


Reasons to Dress is the bi-product of 14 months (or so) of constant multi-tasking.  Of early mornings, late nights, and a very untidy house!! (Instead of using those precious naps for cleaning, cooking and folding laundry I’ve been blogging…. BUSTED!)


As much as I read and tell myself that when I SINGLE TASK and focus I do things BETTER, that’s not always possible.  So this week, three cheers for this multitasking mommy!



real mom in style, real mom style, italian style, italian way of life, linkups, fashion blogger, blogger di moda, blogger di moda in modena, women's fashion blogger, blogger discover new brands, Expat fashion blogger, italian english blogger, blog dedicated to trends, fall and winter trends, trends for moms, momtrends, multitasking mom, being a stylish mom, multitasking in style,, reasons to dress, #reasonstodress, italian lifestyle blog, #lblogger,#lifestyleblogger


Now onto YOUR style…


#REASONSTODRESS Real Mom Street Style Linkup


Thank you to everyone who linked up last week! If you would like to co-host the #reasonstodress linkup I would love to have you, please feel free to email me at ! Thank you to my co-host last week Alex from the Funky Jungle!


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  • ADA

    That is one gorgeous stylish mamma. I especially love her jacket, booties and hat. I need to find similar pieces to re-create her look. Thanks for sharing it and for hosting Real Mom Style, Angie. Pleasure to be the first to link up, today.

    View Comment
  • Awe thanks for the mention Angie! It sounds like lots of wonderful projects are headed your way, exciting! I agree with you, I also feel like a new year starts in September, just feels like a fresh start with the crisp air and fall colors 🙂

    View Comment
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  • Such a stylish mom, love her outfit!! Wow sounds liked you have so many amazing collaborations and projects ahead! Thanks again for hosting Angie and hope you are having a great week so far:)

    View Comment
    • Marta I have to head over to your blog and read your AGO post, it is one of my favourite spots in TO!! Thanks for coming by!

      View Comment
  • Sounds like you have so many exciting things going on! I always think of the fall as the new year also with the end of summer and back to school. Thanks for hosting the linkup!

    In Pink

    View Comment
  • Dawn Lucy

    What a stylist mommy you found! Of course it takes one to know one! I’m tired just reading your to do list, Lady! I’m excited for you and all your projects!


    Dawn Lucy

    View Comment
  • Zaz

    Angie, you are a multitasking fiend!!! I think I function much better when I segment the day into portions and do one thing at a time – right now I have no choice as my son has started a new nursery with shorter hours, so just means having to be more efficient with the time! Thanks for the linkup lovely, let me know about collaborating x

    View Comment
    • Oh my goodness, you need to teach me how to manage!!
      I am heading to your blog tonight to be inspired by your trip home. I’ll also email you about a few projects!! My husband took the kiddo to the grandparents this evening so I am *finally* catching up on long over-due emails!!

      View Comment
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  • Erin

    Wow you have so many cool things in the works! Good for you!

    View Comment
    • ERIN!! You are one to talk!! Let’s just hope I pull them all off well. I need to become a little better and picking and choosing but LIFE IS SHORT!

      btw the euro is SO LOW right now, when you come to Italy you’ll be able to vacation like a Queen!

      View Comment
  • You are a busy Mama!! Thanks so much for the shout out, and depending on what you want to do with the link up. I could get involved. I love link ups!

    View Comment
  • Nicki

    Thanks for hosting, and I love the mom you featured today!

    View Comment
    • Thank you so much Nicki! I was going to do a full blown style post featuring another mom, but I just has so much to share. Thank you for coming by and for your comment!

      View Comment
  • Tracy Miller

    Thank you so much for the feature! Yes, they grow up so fast, but each year is so rewarding in its own way (although, I still want them to stay little). I hear you about wanting to have that balance between “mommy” time but also appreciating the professional accolades. I still work part time 10-15 hours a week from home and it seriously keeps me sane. I am truly impressed with your list of collaborations and projects. Good for you!

    View Comment
    • I think when we all take a few minutes to write down what we have going on the list is long for every person. The magic is actually making it work!!

      You know staying at home with my son is incredible but yes, I would be lying if I said i didn’t NEED projects for myself.

      View Comment
  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    Your outfit is stylish and looks so warm and cozy, your legs look great in that skirt! Sexy mama!! Collaborations DO take a lot of time and work, but I love them… I always want to do my best and that is why it takes so much time for me when I work on them. I’d love to do a giveaway if you have anything that would work with my blog, thanks for offering this to your readers!!

    View Comment
    • CArrie I would love to do a collaboration with you!! i will also become more efficient in linking up!! I realize it has been so hard for me since I’m on Italy time and wen I usually can linkup it is too early and they aren’t “live” yet, and then the day starts and gets away from me. But my new strategy is going to be to linkup a day late so that the linkups are already live!!!

      View Comment
  • Wow! You re SO busy!!! And, yes, you must spend as much precious time with your son as possible. It goes even faster once they start school. I wish I had cherished the time more. You are a good mommy to realize now how different September will be. But think of all of the cool school projects he will bring home! It will be sweet!

    Thank you so much for the feature and for hosting! I am being terrible at multitasking this month. N
    I need to get it together! Your mommy this month is so chic!


    View Comment
    • As long as he doesn’t bring home homework!!! I also need to get it together a little more. Especially with commenting and sharing even more of my linkup bloggers articles. Slowly though I’ll find a good rhythm!!

      View Comment
  • I swear I’ve become actually so much more efficient in everything I do since blogging, and yet I still feel like I never get enough done. And yes, housework often is left for last 😉

    Thank you again for having me co-host your link up last week, I am going to make the round in the next days, I am horribly behind on comments, the last two weeks were packed with this or that happening. By the way I was actually in the outskirts of Modena last Tuesday. Next time I’d love to see the city. Drop me a note about collaborating if you like 🙂

    Alex – Funky Jungle

    View Comment
    • Oh Alex no need to apologize ….EVER. I’m with you in being behind in commenting. I think the great part is that once you create a real community, the people that you comment with and exchange with understand that sometimes you are more “online” than others.

      And YES you are definitely going to be involved in a big giveaway / collaboration I’m working on!

      And the next time you are near MODENA YOU MUST CONTACT ME!

      View Comment
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  • There are so many things I want to say about this post! Thanks for including some blogs that you love to read, I’m looking forward to checking them out! Good for you for making the decision to dedicate a full blog to your gluten-free info, it’s going to be incredibly useful for so many people. If you’re still looking for co-hosts for the new link up I’d love to volunteer myself, I love the idea for both travel and non-travel bloggers writing about travel/trips/local visits.

    View Comment
    • Ashley, I would LOVE to have you involved in the linkup that would be amazing. And although I have just recently found your blog I’m enjoying it , and enjoy connecting with you so much.

      I will email you. I’m not fixed on the name and VERY open to ideas!

      View Comment
  • Just about to linkup now to TBT!

    View Comment
  • WOW 3 years, what a huge accomplishment. I think if you’ve hit three years that totally counts as professional blogging territory, congrats!

    View Comment
  • This is exactly what I’m talking about!! So many lifestyle bloggers have started blogging about events and destinations, and I think that those articles are SO RELEVANT especially when you consider that search accounts for a huge part of traffic to those types of articles, so why not create a platform for more sharing!

    Thank you for your nice works as well. with a few more hours I would be “all over” this internet!!

    View Comment
  • I love the frilly socks with the booties! What a great pairing. And you are so right about the multitasking. How on earth would we get anything done, otherwise? I came across your blog and your link up via Street Style Sunday. Linking up today for the first time.

    View Comment
  • I love this post! I too like to blog from time to time about travel and packing. And now that I am out of the baby phase I know my husband and I will be doing more trips. That and some of my packing guides are the most visited posts on my site right now! Anyways I am up for a Travel post link up – love the idea.

    View Comment
  • Mum’s Days

    Awesome to have you back lady! and it sounds like you’ve loads going on – How do you have time to be a full time mama and run this blog AND start another?! Incredible!

    Thanks for linking up to #TheList 🙂 xxx

    View Comment
  • Zaz

    Gosh Angie, I don’t know where you find the hours in the day! A new travel linkup sounds amazing, keep me posted, and thank you so much for linking up to #AllAboutYou xx

    View Comment
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