You look GORGEOUS !!!! Love the print!! Such a great …

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You look GORGEOUS !!!! Love the print!! Such a great read too!

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Romeo, Romeo, Where For Art Thou Romeo? (Dressing for Verona)
So chic! Love the coat and shoes. Such a great post and how awesome you get to see all of that.

Socializing Over Social Networks (The Velvet Choker Date Night)
I am there with facebook! Facebook, it is nothing but complaints and political blah blah. And people airing all their business on it. I use social media for my blog, but personal stuff not so much anymore. I tend to keep social media just for the blog now. I prefer posting blog related stuff on my blog social than my own personal social media.
Loving your outfit Angie!!!! That choker is so cute!

The Weekend Warrior { With Butterfly Twists }
love your shoes! my hubby is the same way. lol/

Velvet Crush – The beauty of Custom Made with eShakti
that dress is so cute!!! Love the custom concept! you look beautiful and the color isperfect!

Lady in Red
Angie tat dress is gorgeous on you!!!!! so pretty!!!