Angie, I really enjoyed reading your post. I agree too, …

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Angie, I really enjoyed reading your post. I agree too, that men seem to like all shape and feminine curves. Love the bit about Betsey Johnson having Playboy models run the catwalk. I forgot about that. Your swimsuit is divine! Gorgeous colors and it looks amazing on you!!
jess xx

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The Weekend Warrior { With Butterfly Twists }
Those are adorable! Love the color and print and they look very comfortable for a day of shopping. Looks like you had a fun day!
jess xx

Lady in Red
Wow. Angie, loved your post and this designer’s store! It looks amazing, elegant, a place I would enjoy looking around. I adore your floral dress, the orange, red, blues and florals look beautiful on you with your bright red lip. Sounds like you are very busy but enjpying life!
jess xx

Velvet Crush – The beauty of Custom Made with eShakti
Oh my! Hi Angie! I am in LOVE with this dress, the style and wow, the fit on you is amazing. I love the rich berry tone as well and congrats on your new endeavor.
jess xx

* JEANS * good enough to cut! Styling the uneven denim hem.
Hi Angie!
I love what you did with your jeans. And at a steal too! Sorry about your luggage, hopefully it will work out. You did a good job of creating this style!
Would love to see you at Turning heads tuesday
jess xx

Romping Around In A Romper – Fashion Foresight for SS2017
Ha! Fun, great minds right? I am wearing a romper today for my linku pop over if you can. Love the plaid look and can see it for fall
jess xx