Real Mom Street Style: A Montgomery Duffle Coat + Indianini

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Real Mommy Street Style

I know this lady very well,  in many ways she inspired the Real Mom Street Style section of my blog!  This is my neighbor and very good friend, who is gorgeous, has a great personal style and an extensive wardrobe!

Real Mom Street Style Montgomery and Indianini

 Why She Dressed

On this particular Sunday we were all out to dinner together at a new Pizzeria that just opened.  The Pizzeria was just ok, good pizza but the service wasn’t the best, they weren’t that into kids.  It doesn’t even matter that there weren’t high chairs and change tables, it matters more-so that the environment is cool and relaxed so our kids can be kids (which this place was lacking).  Plus, they don’t serve espresso at the end of the meal, so I don’t think I’ll be returning.


The Pizzeria was in the city centre (a 10 minutes walk from our apartment)  so afterwards we all went for a nice long stroll.  Low and behold, we found a weekend dessert and treat market, a temporary street vendor selling Sicilian canoli, cookies, marzipan and Sicilian rice balls.  Notice the Sicilian, painted cart behind her that was parked on the street.

What She Wore

Her and her husband wore matching Duffle Coats!! How cute!! They bought them together, and when they wear them out they look like the most adorable couple ever. In Italy Duffle coats are called Montgomery’s and I actually think that name suits them a little more.


Here is a picture of her man (left) in a duffle coat next to my man under the beautiful archways that line the centre of Modena.

max and marco


These are matching Gloverall Men’s and Women’s Duffle Coats.  i found them both on which is a site that doesn’t exist in America bt has pretty great things.  A lot of it is mid-range designer clothes that are discounted.  Gloverall’s refer to themselves as the “original” duffle coat makers.

The Women’s coat goes for 395 euro and the Men’s is onsale at 335 (regularly priced at 420).

On her feet she is wearing a pair of LdiR “Indianini” boots.  These boots are pretty special because they are completely handmade.  Please note LdiR is not a sponsor, nor have they given me any free stuff, (and when I called for information they seemed a little skeptical!!) but nice is nice so I am happy to talk about them!


These boots are NICE.  They make a point on their website of saying they are the ORIGINAL “Indian” style boots,  I don’t really know how to verify something like that, all I know is that my friend (pictured) bought a pair of the imitation boots (I guess a brand that copied LdiR) and she said after two months the boots were destroyed.

Their name LdiR, stands for L’Artigiano di Riccione, meaning “The Craftsman of Riccione”.  Riccione is on the Adriatic Coast of Italy an hour away from my house,  I have a WHOLE series coming up all about the Adriatric Coast so stay tuned.

She’s had these boots for a while and says they are the MOST comfortable boots she’s owned and in MHO (my humble opinion) they are so sexy.

Giuli2 shoes

Can I just take a moment to share with you this  AWESOME picture from their catalogue….look at the MODEL THEY CHOSE, she is a real woman, with real legs and thighs and real beauty.  She is not a stick.  She has curves and is beautiful, and I think these boots go to show that sexy doesn’t have to be heels.  Sexy can be comfortable, and relaxed and playful.  Sexy is a real woman with her own style, sexy can be thighs that touch!


fashion advice for moms

The Original


I have a story for you.


Let’s talk about Original and Fake.  Italians HATE being copied, and they love getting credit.  You will notice that a lot of italian imported foods are marked with the  phrase “D.O.C.G”  which stands for “Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita”, meaning that the food or wine has its origins controlled and guaranteed.  Perhaps you’ve seen “D.O.P.” for items that have their geographical area protected.


What I’m trying to say is that they HATE it when they go to America and see “Parmesan” in the grocery store.  They want you to eat Parmigiano and not just any Parmigiano, they want you to eat Parmigiano Reggiano cheese that is the real thing, that helps the Italian producers that work hard to control every piece of grass those cows are eating so that the flavour of the cheese is perfect and untainted.  It takes a lifetime of work to make the most excellent product that can possibly be made.  And these “DOP”  and “DOCG” categories help the consumer understand that they are eating the real McCoy.


So here’s a question. What would you think about clothes and accessories that were “DOP” or “DOCG”? What if you had a guarantee that your Indianini boots were the original and not some posers?  Would it matter?


Let me know!


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  • I am so thrilled to find your blog, although it is way too hot here to wear the beautiful clothes and boots that you are showcasing today. I love Italian style. x

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    • I will totally do a “hot weather in the winter” post for you. I can dream can’t I? Besides, I started this blog too late to post any of my cute summer outfits, so this will be the perfect excuse!

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  • My husband and I lived in Europe for 8 years and we always loved people watching in the airports. We decided that you can always tell the Italian women because they all look like they just walked off the catwalk even though they have just come off of a 10 flight. 🙂

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    • You should see these women at the grocery store!! Or on a Sunday in December, you cannot go into the centre of Modena and not see a women (or 15!) decked out in their fur coat, heels and designer bags. Needless to say I’ve stepped up my game.

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  • Wow! What an amazing look! You make me want to move to a colder climate. I love this!! Thanks so much for linking up!!

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    • Sherry, I love your blog, you make me want to more to a warmer climate! I thought Italy was warm when I first moved here, and technically it is warmer than Canada. But it is cold! BTW Love your table setting on the blog….I think I’ll head over right now!

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