Real Mommy Street Style: Pull out those hot pink Melissas they have a party to go to!

Dpinkandblueparty (1 di 1)

Real Mommy Street Style:

There is nothing I love more than when a woman can take an item that was HOT a few years back and she rocks it and totally pulls it off!

What Am I referring to?  The Melissa brand plastic peep toe shoes.

I have these exact shoes in this exact color and all I could think when I saw this mom was “she looks so fun, why do I never wear those shoes anymore?”


Here this mom turns everyday life with kids into fabulousness mixing a super bright pair of rolled blue jeans, a print t-shirt, Melissa hot pink peep toe shoes and a braided high side pony tail.  She accessorized with big shades and a boho chic slouchy bag with a printed scarf tied to it, plus very strong “I’m not afraid to wear makeup” type of makeup.

Dpinkandblueparty (1 di 1)

The Reason She Dressed:

This stylish real mom was seen at an opening party.  Not an opening party for some modern art gallery but an opening party for a Children’s activity space and baby-parking.  There was a bubble machine, face-painting, craft making and a snack (Italian style, meaning foccaccia and drinks!).

I love that instead of just showing up in the typical plain Jane jeans and t-shirt, this mom actually put some effort into her outfit and dressed for a party. A few years ago if someone told me they were going to a party, I imagined loud music, drinking, heels and memories I’d prefer to forget! I feel like just because the definition of “party” has changed now that I’m part of the parents club, my attitude shouldn’t change.  A party is a party, dress the part, have a good time, mingle, blow bubbles and do a craft.