You have such an amazing life! Love all your …

Comment on Reporting live from the WHITE SHOW at the Milan Fashion Week by Amy Johnson.

You have such an amazing life! Love all your outfits. The White brand looks wonderful. You know I was in Italy many years ago and I remember everyone wearing black too. I think it’s just an Italian thing!

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow
You made a parka look so stylish! Amazing winter look!

Romeo, Romeo, Where For Art Thou Romeo? (Dressing for Verona)
That colosseum is amazing. What a beautiful city and such a special day for you. I think it’s great you cut the bottoms of your jeans off. I so agree with you about doing it yourself and not buying it pre-destroyed.

Socializing Over Social Networks (The Velvet Choker Date Night)
Fun post. I have to admit when I first started reading this I thought you were talking about another man other than yours. I was like “What?” LOL! I love that choker!

The Weekend Warrior { With Butterfly Twists }
Great look! Love the shoes!

* JEANS * good enough to cut! Styling the uneven denim hem.
I think it’s a great DIY, and definitely on-trend!