I doubt anyone will ever find me gallivanting around in …

Comment on Romping Around In A Romper – Fashion Foresight for SS2017 by Sheela Goh.

I doubt anyone will ever find me gallivanting around in a playsuit, Angie, but I am loving it on you 🙂 there’s such an ole world charm about the print, and the bicycle. All you need, really, is a picnic hamper and a field of tulips.

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The Weekend Warrior { With Butterfly Twists }
Would you know that I’ve been on the prowl for some form of kick-ass Sheela-esque trainers?? And these look as though they could very well (finally) fit the bill 🙂

p/s OMG I am dying over the pastries, why can’t they make pastries like that in the States? Sigh. We try to make our own at home but it’s so much work.

Velvet Crush – The beauty of Custom Made with eShakti
So very much infatuated with your coat, Angie. It’s Victorian and goth and Lord Byron all rolled into one. I need to take a moment, to drool.

“Confidence” – Say It In French
I cringe each time I record a video of myself, on a drastically smaller scale, and wonder how people can stand to hear me speak on a day to day basis since my voice sounds so shrill. That’s also the reason why YouTube and I have yet to bond GRIN why oh why are we so self-critical 🙂 in other news, I do hope you’ll get around to designing and producing smaller bags for women who love small bags (cough, me), Angie, that would be epic.

p/s do come over and join my link-up, won’t you? I’d love to see you there xoxo


Longing for a Spring beach date
I have to say, Angie, with all that build-up, I’m looking forward to the launch of your leather pieces. Really looking forward to it xoxo

What a wonderful opportunity, Rena, not only because you managed to visit with all those brands and view their collections, but mainly that you represented all of us who may not have as loud a voice as some bloggers but who still have an opinion, a following, a genuine passion for style and design It’s such a tremendously encouraging step xoxo