I really enjoyed reading your post! This b&b is truly …

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I really enjoyed reading your post! This b&b is truly beautiful and looks so serene. Your husband has good taste! He truly put a nice look together and proof that older clothing can still look current when styled appropriately xx

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Oh my goodness! What a beautiful party they threw for their kids! I can imagine that it must have been fun for kids and adults alike! Your friends, and of course you as well have a great and individual style! So cool that your dress is German and vintage!! xxx

Everyone Starts Somewhere – The Milan Fashion Week for Nobodies!
Hey Angie, I love your honesty and how candid you are. I don’t know so much about the back stories of how great brands become big, but a person like Miuccia Prada for example, I WANT to believe (and correct me if I’m wrong) that she is real, and authentic as she seems like a very respected and respectable person who didn’t fake her way to fame. I *cannot stand* reading blogs that are artificially inflated to make believe that there is a parallel perfect and unflawed world out there. It bores me quite honestly. I appreciate your genuine self with all your real life accounts and hardships you face. As a working mother, I can completely relate. And on another note, I think that you’re bag is beautifully designed and classy and look forward to seeing the coin purse pendant that you designed. The green vintage top looks brilliant on you, its your colour. Mine too! xx