Things to do in London in the Fall

Image by Sumriana Babyana and Gareth 1953 Cataracts Creating Chaos, used under Creative Commons license
Image by Sumriana Babyana and Gareth 1953 Cataracts Creating Chaos, used under Creative Commons license

Yesterday was All Saint’s Day in Italy referred to as “Il Giorno di Tutti Santi” or “Ognissanti”, a Cristian holiday that is a National holiday here and everyone stays home from work!  Unfortunately, this year it fell on a Sunday, so no one got the day off of work, and today was business as usual.


Italians LOVE to plan weekends away when there is a National holiday and you’ll often hear people talking about there vacation plans months (or even years!) in advance.  This year we didn’t plan anything, however, next year November 1st will fall on a Tuesday and many companies let their employees stay home for both the Monday and Tuesday, which is referred to as “il ponte”, the bridge, where you skip a day of work because you have the weekend and a holiday on a Tuesday….so it becomes a 4 day break!


We’re already thinking about where we’ll go next year and I would love to visit London as a family.  I’ve only ever been once for a few days while Marco and I were dating….actually you can read a bit about that (mis)adventure here!  Since my last experience with London was as a carefree single I’m kind of worried about what to do, especially if it rains.


This article was contributed by my friend Collen who lives in London and offered up his expertise on what to do in London in the Fall if the sun is shining or if we get some rain during our long weekend away!


Things to do in London in the Fall


London is known for being one of the world’s greatest cities to visit in the summer time. Come the autumn and there are still a few sunny days to be found a whole host of things to do carefree single. Whether you’re an art fan, a history geek, a fashion connoisseur, a fan of the stage, or simply enjoy experiencing new cities, the iconic sites of London have something that is bound to catch your eye. If you’re planning a visit to the UK this autumn, then here some tips on a few things to do in London.


Things to do on a sunny day

London is such a vast city that most people travel around on public transport, but if the weather is right and you can travel on foot, there are a number of sites to see. The best place to head for a walking tour is down towards the River Thames. Starting at Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey, you can head east, and stroll past sites such as the London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, and the Tower of London.

Another experience to have on a sunny London day is a visit to some of the Royal Parks, which are scattered throughout the city, and include Richmond Park, a deer park in the south-west; Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, located side by side in the heart of central London —Kensington Gardens being a more manicured and Hyde Park more of a city green-space; Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, which lie in the north-west of the city, and are home to London Zoo, a number of ponds, and a lovely vista of the city’s skyline.

The indoor sites of London

If the day is a little chilly or wet, then consider heading to one of London’s many famed museums. The Natural History Museum is a favorite for a family trip, and includes specimens from contemporary wildlife and whole array of other specimens stretching back to the time of the dinosaurs. The Natural History Museum is neighbors with both the Science Museum, and the Victoria & Albert Museum, which hold exhibits covering everything from space to fashion.

For those after something more focused on human civilization, visit the British Museum on Great Russell Street, where you’ll find relics and artwork from nearly all centuries of human history and from around the globe.


Image by Sumriana Babyana and Gareth 1953 Cataracts Creating Chaos, used under Creative Commons license

Catch a West End show

The West End theatre district is amongst the best spots in the world for catching quality plays and musicals, and features everything from local favorites to international hits. Whether you’re looking for a ticket to Book of Mormon or want to see Irish writer Roddy Doyle’s hit show The Commitments, you’ll find a show to entertain you here.

So remember, just because it’s not the middle of summer doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a wonderful time in the grand city of London.


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  • How do Italians celebrate All Saints Day? In Lithuania they light candles in the graveyards. I went to see it last night and was blown away

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    Wonderful post!! I want to go to London so bad!!

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  • C.K. @ 50 Days of No Grey

    Love this info on London! We are taking the family next June and I’ll definitely make sure we hit some of the spots she recommended.

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  • I’m really hoping to take the family to London in a the next few years. These are great ideas.

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