I’m really hoping to take the family to London in …

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I’m really hoping to take the family to London in a the next few years. These are great ideas.

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The Great Gatsby of Style – What to Wear to a 1920s themed party!
Lady 1 is my favorite. You now have me dreaming of a Gatsby themed party.

The Superhero Inside
One of my friends has a daughter that needs daily growth hormone injections. She was diagnosed when she was quite young, maybe around 1 year old. Now, she is 10 years old and is growing right along schedule. We’ve teased the mama about using the injections to her advantage and making her girl so tall that she could go to university on a basketball scholarship. However, the doctors have a plan for her to end up a normal height based on the height of the two parents. Your son is so brave, and I’m glad he has a superhero inside.

My 5 Must Have Items to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist in Italy!
Thanks for the advice. When we visited Italy last year, I made a bit of an effort to look nicer than usual. It was hard since where I was living is very casual by normal standards.

20 THINGS TO DO at the #EXPO2015 in Milan with Kids
This looks like such an exciting and magnificent place to visit. Even people without young kids would enjoy it. Is it truly just a temporary exhibit that will eventually be taken down?

The Meeting Place – A Lesson in Socialization from Italian Moms
That 4 month postpartum mamma looks better than me on my best day. She’s so stylish. One thing that I really liked about Malaysia was people’s willingness to just hang out and talk at a restaurant for hours on end. That doesn’t seem to happen in America. The restaurant wants to turnover the table as many times as possible, so there’s no concept of having the table for the night. I’ve heard it referred to as the 3rd space (1st is home, 2nd is office, 3rd is the public hangout place).