Michelle….I agree with you on SO MANY levels. In …

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Michelle….I agree with you on SO MANY levels. In fact, this summer I actually *did* say something to my dad about how I feel like he puts us second to his friends and family in his hometown that he spends much more time with. I mean. He is entitled, after a life of working hard for everything he has, to spend his time however he wants, but I really do want my son to KNOW him…..as in know him well. And unfortunately that just can’t happen with a few hours a year. Oh well. I’m the one who moved away, as everyone reminds me!! I suppose I just need to grow up and accept the consequences, even though they are hard to swallow.

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How About Gratitude
Thank you so much Elizabeth you too!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Nice to meet you!! Let’s not forget that blogging is NOT a magazine…that’s why magazine sales are down and blog readership is up…people actually care about real people, sharing real stories and about mundane life! You are the blog is RIGHT!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Is this a parka?! I had no idea! Thank you so much for your comment and I’m totally going to use it to inspire me to stay warm all winter, this thing does the trick!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow
YES!! Amen to that! I mean if I’m going to use MY TIME to write about a product at least make the product WORTH my time!! no cheap crap! And Toronto should publish your posts in a book as a manual to every Torontonian for how to actually be stylish in cold weather!

Lady in Red
Madaline!!!! HOW ARE YOU!?

I also folow your instagram with my personal account analog_angie

I’ve really missed you. Blogging is taking a second seat to life lately. We really should meet up one day, I’ll introduce you to Gillian (she lives in Pigneto)…. you will love her.