Couldn’t agree more with everything you said! I bet …

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Couldn’t agree more with everything you said! I bet you think as I do – I’ll never be like that with my grandkids – I just don’t get it. X

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Together at the Tenuta Nunzi Conti
Great thanks Angie you’re a gem, that’s our summer holiday sorted next year!
About your parents, they’re so adorable ;-)… What I meant to say was my Dad & his wife are exactly the same when they visit us from Australia. We always want to spend more time with them but they’re always busy doing stuff! It frustrates me because of the children but Dads wife has siblings here in the UK (although not her grandchildren) so they travel all over the country to see everyone. I think my children should be the priority but there’s no interfering with their plans or I get “you’re pressuring us”. It’s sad that the opportunities for my kids to spend time with their Grandfather have been there many times but he’s not taken advantage of it. In the end I say nothing & be grateful for whatever time he gives.
Being so far away is tricky isn’t it? Especially as we’re the ones who left.

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GILMAR BOX – The International Online Luxury Italian Outlet
Three words that are music to my ears ONLINE DESIGNER OUTLET yeah baby!
Right I’m off to browse Angie, no time to chat – See ya & Thanks xxx

How About Gratitude
This was such a lovely read Angie & you’re absolutely right, we do have to step back & take a look at ourselves from time to time. I get bogged down in my own little world & forget how lucky I am sometimes although it’s less & less the older I get. I think when you live away from your original home like you & I it’s important to keep your tight family unit close because they’re all we have when it comes down to it right?
My hopes for 2017 are that RCM starts making decent money so I can contribute more to my family & give Mark a break. Also I’d love to travel more & would absolutely love to visit you in Modena! Here’s to fulfilling our goals in the New Year!
All the best to you & your boys Angie, thank you for being such a wonderful support to me xxx

Romeo, Romeo, Where For Art Thou Romeo? (Dressing for Verona)
The way you describe Italy is exactly how I feel about it! I so wish I could visit more often but I am well aware how lucky I am to be able to go every year – This is the main reason we haven’t move back to Oz!
When we were first together Mark took me to Verona to see Carmen in the Ampitheatre which was pretty clever of him & very much sealed the deal for me Heeheehee
I do have a pair of snake skin ankle boots already & I adore yours but aren’t those Dries ones amazing? Gosh I’d love a those!
Fab post Angie xxx

Socializing Over Social Networks (The Velvet Choker Date Night)
I am totally with you about Facebook I bloody HATE IT! I was only saying yesterday that I’ll know my Blog has really made it when I can delete my Facebook account (for a second time) because I don’t need it.
Part of me wishes I had the guts to do it now but my Blog is my business & tbh I need all the promotion I can get right now. Soon though, very soon 😉
Angie, you are a wee wisp of a lady. Your teeny tiny waist is divine & I just adore that choker, sexy as hell!

The Weekend Warrior { With Butterfly Twists }
Ahem no I haven’t *she says embarrassed* Where have I been? These are super cute & funky at the same time, I adore the red ones!
Also I’m with your hubs – hate Malls of any kind 😉 Love those pastries though nom nom