Awe wouldn’t that be awesome! Thank you! …

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Awe wouldn’t that be awesome! Thank you!

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Happy New Year! I think every blogger, especially those of us who blog as a side thing, goes through what you went through. And it is about balancing what you actually want to share with what is popular. I long ago decided that I can only blog about what I like because anything else sounds fake and usually is a waste of my time. I don’t even like taking free stuff anymore because there are strings for these small dollar amount things. Again I would rather write a post I like. It is supposed to be our outlet not some PR house’s outlet to talk about their clients.

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Dressing for a Trip Down Memory Lane {Toronto Day 1}
Love this! But I believe you were on Queen West not Queen East as it does not change to Queen East until you are east of Young street…

So fun! Definitely more outrageous than Toronto Fashion Week and more star studded.

Confession. A Blogging Dilemma – How to be “real” in a world that loves fakes and still make it as a blogger.
I toy with changing the name as I haven’t lived in downtown Toronto in a year and haven’t done any store reviews in even longer. My older content is all really Toronto specific and I can’t keep it up to date. But I am leaning towards just merging the blog and the old website content into one site and keeping the name. I flip flop all the time! I would keep the high traffic pages and ditch some of the old out of date stuff. I also toy with adding in Home decor (especially since we are finishing our basement) but my house is ALWAYS a disaster!

Confession. A Blogging Dilemma – How to be “real” in a world that loves fakes and still make it as a blogger.
I personally love reading about real life – I love looking at instagram pictures but hate stopping to take them. I have tried taking those ultra style photos but honestly they are so hard to get right that I give up. I can’t post to everywhere daily. Well I can but it isn’t quality… As for the blog photos I can tell you my trick. I take them myself. I bought a tripod and a remote and it is the best investment I made. I don’t have any photographer friends and 99% of the pictures my husband takes of me are crap. But I have gotten pretty decent of taking my own pictures and it makes everything easier. You can just pop off by yourself for a 10 minutes and get it done. Personally I have been struggling of whether I need to rebrand. But I don’t want to start all over so I still haven’t bit the bullet. #bloggerissues

This outfit deserves Chianti.
Love this outfit – so gorgeous! And even more congrats on working on your own line – so fantastic! Can’t wait to see it all.