Media Inquiries and Collaborations


I’m always looking for new collaborations so if you have something in mind please feel free to email me at  Please be as specific as possible and please do not contact me about un-paid opportunities, guest posting without compensation or press releases that you would like shared on the blog.  This is a for-profit blog and I receive between 2 and 20 e-mails DAILY regarding collaborations, i only entertain partnerships that are mutually beneficial and that appreciate and compensate for the time and effort that I put into this blog.


Thank you.


That being said, I work with a variety of affiliate networks, advertising networks and directly with agencies and clients including multi-channel stores and brand PRs.


You can request my full media kit via e-mail at is a real blog not a marketing platform and when I write, I write for myself and for real readers.  You can find my audience demographics in my full media kit, please specify if you are interested in a travel or fashion article and what type of collaboration you would prefer (sponsored post, sponsored content, magazine article, advertising banners, review etc.).

I only accept collaborations that I am personally interested in and that I believe a segment of my readers would appreciate.  I only review things I’ve actually worn, tasted or experienced first hand and I do not post content that is not appropriate or that doesn’t fit with the interests of my readers.




I can also provide you with a price list for all advertising opportunities on the blog and in the RTD Magazine.  If you are a blogger we can work on free promotion for your blog through the #REASONSTODRESS Dress to Impress Linkup, so drop me a line!



Thank you for your interest in !


Have a great day,

Angie Nardiello