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No matter how much I hate "looking like a tourist" sometimes you can't help it.  Let's face it, if you plan on being outside all day (especially with a young kid or kids) you're going to need provisions....water, a scarf, a travel potty, a change of clothes (or two).  All of those things require a backpack, and a backpack instantly makes you look like a tourist!     The Cinque Terre in Spring - What to Pack in your day bag If ...
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top ten gluten free restaurants in milan
Maybe you've been dreaming about coming to the EXPO2015 in Milan this year but are worried you'll have nowhere to eat.  Sadly, this is a real fear when you are living with Celiac Disease or a Gluten Sensitivity.  Unless you want to spend your entire vacation preparing your own food in an apartment you must research and plan your restaurant meals in advance.   I decided to put together this list and map for any English speakers who plan on ...
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