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Is it just me or is time getting faster? Tuesday goes and then, just like that, its back again. I'm going through a weird phase right now.  My son turns 3 at the end of March and starts real Italian kindergarten in September.  I feel like I only have a few more precious months to enjoy him before he turns into a "big boy".  I know I'm being silly....or am I?   I've always thought of September at the real "New ...
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Head to Toe Knits.

1 week ago

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The Reason I Dressed We're developing a weekend ritual.  We have lunch at home and then go out around 2:30 pm.  We take our little man to the park to play and burn off some energy and then, almost magically, he falls into a deep afternoon sleep, leaving us free to roam, shop, chat and connect.   Although it is nice to get away and have a mini weekend escape, sometimes we just feel like saving money, cleaning the house (I'm ...
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Pitti (pronounced pity!), which I've written before about here,  is the Men's fashion mecca.  It is the largest Men's Fashion Fair and happens two times a year in January and in June. Here you'll find every male fashion blogger on the planet and quite a few of the female ones too, strutting their stuff in "Sprezzatura" glory!   Which brings me to the term "Sprezzatura"!  Ever heard of this?  You'll find the #sprezzatura tag on all "Italian Style" menswear photographs on Instagram, a ...
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I know that not everyone who reads this blog is allergic or sensitive to gluten, but maybe you know someone who is?  And know how difficult it can be to travel, eat at a restaurant or plan an event for people with Celiac Disease.  Please feel free to share anything you find here that you think will be useful to someone you know, and perhaps make their travel plans a little easier!       A little while ago I shared ...
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