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REASONS TO DRESS – An Italian Lifestyle blog about fashion, travel and real life as a mom in Italy!

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There's this strange saying in Modena, that you really only learn after you've lived here for a long time.  A deep ingrained tradition referred to as "fare una vasca".  It refers to the Saturday ritual of walking along the city's main street, the Via Emilia, which cuts through the centre of town.  There is a long section with some of the most notable stores and cafes that is under a long and beautiful portico.  On Saturday mornings, the thing to ...
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We’re really into Caterpillars these days. Zeno (my three year old)  and I keep watching videos about them, singing songs about them and doing crafts about them….and can I just ask? When did we all start calling a cocoon a chrysalis?? Is this a thing now? Did I miss something between 1985 (the last time I talked about caterpillars) and the year 2015?     In any event, I just know I’m going to do a separate post about our ...
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It is almost April and it is still chilly here.  In my closet my Spring wardrobe is just waiting to make its debut.  At some point last Fall I started obsessing over the Spring trends and have slowly been scouring the sales racks for new items that now I'M DYING TO WEAR.     This Spring and Summer I'll be wearing my two piece, matchy matchy floral outfit, found here for less than 30 euro.   Or my new open ...
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The last few weeks have been pretty demanding and I'm tired.  But I'm glad to say that I'm learning how to recognize {finally} what is important and worth investing time in, and what is not. Priorities not perfection is the key to happiness.   Happy third birthday to my son Zeno, who is the best company I've ever had. I ruined your cupcakes by dying the icing grey, the home made party hats I made refused to stay on your ...
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