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The Ferrari Wives of Modena & Newcomer Survival Tips

I’m having some big realizations this week about life and living in Italy. Here’s the thing. Not everyone actually WANTS to be here.   You may not know this but Modena and the surrounding area are home to some of the world’s biggest companies and industries. In the auto/moto industry, this is the land of the Ferrari, Maserati, Ducati, Lamborghini and Pagani!! Not bad eh?!   What this means, is that these massive, international companies hire engineers from all over the world to come and work on special projects. Most engineers get offered a package including a 3 year contract, relocation services, English schooling for their kids, temporary housing to get them started and high enough wages to keep their house back home and live comfortably here.   Let’s say that 90% of these engineers are men with families whose wives follow them with their kids.     Who are these wives?   Last week I was supposed to go to Carpi (another beautiful historic town near Modena, and home to Italy’s largest Piazza!) on a field trip with my son’s play group. After a series of mishaps involving the Italian transportation system we decided to forget about Carpi and do something else!! (ah Italy!)   I had heard about a meeting for a new association that is just starting up in Modena. More than a “mom’s club”, it will be an official association dedicated to providing services to the International Women of Modena.   MANY of the women at
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Becoming an Italian Homebody

I think I'm becoming an Italian "homebody".  By Italian standards, that doesn't mean that I stay home all the time, but rather I don't leave the confines of my city. ...
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Online shopping for Prescription Glasses – Real Mom Street Style

A while back, I was contacted by the people at, an online eyewear store, to receive a free pair of prescription glasses and review the brand.   My glasses ...
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Pushing the Boundaries – An oversized scarf….sort of

I mentioned yesterday that I met this super stylish mom in the town of Vignola, which is in the Modena region and only 25 minutes away from where I live. ...
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Soft as Silk

The Reason I Dressed   I mentioned yesterday that I went to a little local street fair on Sunday evening.  The street vendors were basically the same shops that line ...

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