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It is almost April and it is still chilly here.  In my closet my Spring wardrobe is just waiting to make its debut.  At some point last Fall I started obsessing over the Spring trends and have slowly been scouring the sales racks for new items that now I'M DYING TO WEAR.     This Spring and Summer I'll be wearing my two piece, matchy matchy floral outfit, found here for less than 30 euro.   Or my new open ...
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The last few weeks have been pretty demanding and I'm tired.  But I'm glad to say that I'm learning how to recognize {finally} what is important and worth investing time in, and what is not. Priorities not perfection is the key to happiness.   Happy third birthday to my son Zeno, who is the best company I've ever had. I ruined your cupcakes by dying the icing grey, the home made party hats I made refused to stay on your ...
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This is the first year of my life where the Spring has taken on a new meaning.  Usually I start to think about working out in the Spring because it will soon be the summer!  But this month I've been thinking about THIS SPRING as a new season in my life.  As though the Summer will be the rest of my life and this Spring is only the beginning.   I recently read something about a woman in her 50s who ...
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Imagine investing money, energy, time and patience for twelve years to get a single drop of something known in Modena, Italy as "Oro Nero" ....  "Black Gold".  Traditional Balsamic Vinegar must be aged for a minimum of 12 years before you can call it "Traditional", a word said proudly by Sofia Malagoli, of the Acetaia Malagoli Daniele.     Before visiting the Acetaia, I had never really reflected on the word tradition and what it means. In Italy, there are so many "traditions" ...
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