Backlog – When Life Gets in the Way

I  exaggerated at the market and bought a *little* too much basil. At least the people of Genoa have invented a tasty recipe that's used it all up. Two hours later and we have enough  to last us 'till 2016 !

Life lately has been a little hectic!  In a good way, but hectic non the less.


The blog is getting a lot of attention and I’m being invited to attend a lot of different special events and travel which is great.  All of this traveling means organizing, laundry, and not really being at my computer much. But that’s ok, I think it is normal once the summer month’s hit to want / need to be out and about more and in the house less.

"Fare i fighetti"..... Italian idiomatic expression meaning "trying to act cool"!! Here we are in Milano Marittima, think of Miami only filled with Italians and iced espresso. Do we look like we belong


Italian Kindergarten

Plus, my little man starts school in September and in the back of my mind I know that this is my last chance to really spend a lot of quality time with him before he “leaves” me to start his own life. I’m actually ok with him going to school. He’s ready, I’m ready and I don’t see the point in holding onto his infancy with too much melancholy.  He will have a great time at school, besides on many days I’ll be picking him up after lunch!

Italian schools run from September to June, and they offer 5 star – 3 course meals that the kids are fed daily for free!! He certainly isn’t getting that kind of treatment at home.   As much as I try to give him a lot of great experiences there are also times where I have to focus on writing an email, finishing a meal, cleaning something that REALLY needs to be cleaned, or just spacing out.  During those moments he gets “parked”.  I know this is normal and not a big deal, but it will be nice to have time to do things while he is living his own little life at school, so I don’t feel guilty about him not being stimulated.  I will need to focus even more on our time together after he starts school to make sure he doesn’t lose his English ability (I’ve written about that here), and I want to set up daily activities for him after school… but we’ll see what I can actually accomplish.


Italian kindergarten’s finish at 4pm and are run on a precise schedule, which includes; a morning snack, a full three course lunch, an afternoon snack, a nap and lots of playtime…it will be GREAT!


The summer has officially begun.  I can’t wait!




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  • What an exciting time for your family, Angie! And the Italian lunch sure beats the popcorn chicken or french toast sticks our kiddos get. Enjoy the summer. It’s a time for rest and rejuvenation. Cheers!

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  • How awesome on all the opportunities from your blog! And Italian kindergarten sounds like it has way better food than mine ever did!

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  • I’m glad to hear that your blog is getting attention – you so deserve it! I hope you continue enjoying the summer and that the weather is beautiful 🙂

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