The Gift of Gold – An Italian Tradition

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Although I’m not intensely blogging or attached to my computer this week (we’re on vacation!),  I have started a new travel post linkup! Please check it out here and feel free to linkup your travel related posts, this is open to all lifestyle bloggers who blog about their adventures.

I was also asked to write a post for a 50+ travel group last week and had a great time putting this post; 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel In Your Retirement, together.  It was fun finding images and looking through some of my pictures from when my parents visited a year ago.


what I wore, dressing for italy, value of gold in italy, do italians wear gold, visiting with my parents, expat dilemmas, expat situations, being an expat


Last YEAR.  It is crazy that a whole year has passed and that in 365 days I only see my parents for 5 of those (if I’m lucky!).  Oh well.  This used to bother me, but now I think it’s part of growing up.  You do what you can and instead of focusing on how often I don’t see them, I try to remember what I have because I live overseas …mainly, my own life and family! My parents are so happy for us and have a good time when they visit and we’re together….at least when we’re not arguing!



Last year they stayed in Modena and we did a few day trips to Bologna.  One of the perks of meeting up with my mom are the great GIFTS she brings me! Plus her taste has gotten better and she’s finally buying me things in my size!  This post is an official thank you to my parents for all of the nice things they give me, and a reminder that we see each other again in August and I’m an XS/S and just incase I’m a 6 and a half in Canadian footwear! wink wink….#kiddingNOTkidding !


What I Wore to Bologna … a year ago!


Let’s be honest.  This look is from a year ago, but it’s not like I threw everything out and have never worn it since.  I’m in a new phase where I am only buying / keeping things that I will LOVE (regardless of price) for the long haul.  I’ve worn this outfit many times and will continue to do so until knee length skater skirts are totally out, my espadrilles stink too much (which is often the case with espadrilles) and the polyester of the top no longer holds up in the washing machine. My top and skirt were both GIFTS FORM MY PARENTS, from H&M and surprisingly really nice!


**Note to self : A really cool conceptual art idea for a fashion blog would be to ONLY post outfits a year after wearing them.  I wonder how many fashion bloggers would ever wear any of their looks in 12 months time!

what I wore, dressing for italy, value of gold in italy, do italians wear gold, visiting with my parents, expat dilemmas, expat situations, being an expat



As Good As Gold

The top and skirt were just secondary gifts because the *real*  gift was this 18k real gold multi-loop chain necklace, which was a gift for my 34th birthday.  They usually visit in August and since my birthday is August 5th they dote on me with really nice things like a new winter coat, which I styled here, here and here, this top and skirt and this stunning gold necklace.


My parents LOVE real gold, it’s a Southern Italian (Mediterranean) thing. Real gold, aside from having an important market value has huge sentimental value in Italy and is seen as the perfect gift for any occasion.   It is given at birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, weddings… name the occasion and it is right to give gold (in the South). Surprisingly, In the North of Italy it is seen as an “exaggeration” to give real gold, unless you are very close relatives and the occasion is a BIG one.  In the Italian South you may even OFFEND someone if you don’t give gold at the appropriate occasion, whereas in the North you may make people feel embarrassed if you do.  All I have to say is… thank God my parents are from the South because I love me some gold!


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Gold smiths and jewelers are revered professions and respected in much the same way you would respect a doctor or lawyer.  It’s no surprise that with the financial crisis those buy/sell gold stores (I guess you could call them god pawn shops) have popped up EVERYWHERE here.


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My no buckle python belt was also a gift from my husband, created as part of a men’s sample collection for his exotic leather belt manufacturing company, he modified the design to be more feminine for me.  My shoes were bought online last year and my leather bag is by the Italian brand Coccinelle, an affordable luxury Italian brand, with excellent quality leather and reasonable prices.  You can find discounted bags from last year’s collection here, and they are all stunning!


I really believe that nice accessories can make a big difference in your outfits.  Good pieces, whether or not they are new and expensive, have the ability to transform simple H&M polyester clothes into a put together, polished look.  In Italy, people don’t have much disposable income, so it makes sense that something as valuable as gold has never gone out of style and will always remain an Italian Girl’s best friend.


Have you ever given or received gold as a gift?  What is most sentimental piece of gold jewelry that you STILL WEAR?



            Now onto YOUR style…


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  • Porcelina

    These photos of you and your family are so adorable. I do love that necklace you’re wearing. I went through a phase of not wearing any jewellery at all, but recently I’ve become obsessed with vintage jewellery and buy lots of it. I love how quirky it is. Most of it isn’t real gold. I have a real gold name necklace from when I was born, I suppose that’s my most-treasured real gold piece. Apart from my engagement ring that is!! Thanks for hosting xx

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  • My Dad’s side of the family is Greek and yellow gold is very frequently given as a gift during special occasions. The traditions in my family actually sound very similar to what you described for Southern Italy!

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  • It’s so fun to see the photos of you and your family! Accessories really are a game changer! I love your gold necklace!

    Doused In Pink

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  • Thank you so much for the feature.. BTW I’m loving your top.

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  • Merci

    Beautiful look, loving the lace detail on the top.

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  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    Beautiful photos. I have a lace top similar to yours, but in a pale pink. I am in love with the cut of that skirt, your outfit looks great on you!


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  • RedTagChicLA

    Love the intricate deets of that top & your choice of accessories is flawless!


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  • I just love seeing all of the places and pictures on your site. So your family visited too this week. Love the petitie lace olive top and with the gold necklace it is lovely. I actually have more costume or vintage jewelry than gold , but I do like it! I get nervous about misplacing it.:-)
    Hope to see you over at Turning Heads Tuesday Link up!
    jess xx

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  • You are an amazing lady to even post while you are on vacation! I need to start joining the travel linkup! Enjoy spending time with your parents 🙂


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