MOM STREET STYLE: Animal print and a jean skirt

Aattheparkjeanskirt (1 di 1)

Real Mommy Street Style:

I love this look, it is surprisingly sexy even though this mom is completely covered.  Mixing an animal print top with a cut-off knee-length jean skirt and leather clogs is a fantastic combination.


The Reason She Dressed:

Seen at the playground….. playing.! A working mom that left the office early to have a play-date with one of the most important contacts in her life!  Cell-phone (note the stylish teal cover) in-hand means that she is still on-call.

Her look is relaxed enough that she doesn’t look out-of-place at the play ground, but if need be, she is all-set for a casual meeting with clients.



Aattheparkjeanskirt (1 di 1)