osteria il grano di pepe (modena)

ReasonsToDress.com Osteria Il Grano di Pepe Ravarino Modena, Italy

I feel truly lucky to have friends that don’t have kids that actually invite us (ALL of us) out to lunch with them.  And that these friends are foodies!

Not only do they prepare 7 course gourmet meals for us when we go over to their house for dinner, but they keep their fingers on the pulse of culinary excellence in and around town keeping us up to date on what’s going on and where we should be eating.

Osteria Il Grano di Pepe

Such was the case a while back when they asked us if we wanted to have lunch with them at this relatively unknown gourmet restaurant in Ravarino, just outside of Modena, Il Grano di Pepe by Chef Rino Duca.


ReasonsToDress.com Osteria Il Grano di Pepe Ravarino Modena, Italy


The chef is Sicilian and creates Sicilian inspired fusion dishes that are so beautifully prepared that long before you can taste them you devour them with your eyes.



ReasonsToDress.com Osteria Il Grano di Pepe Ravarino Modena, Italy


ReasonsToDress.com Osteria Il Grano di Pepe Ravarino Modena, Italy


Fine Dining With a Toddler

We’ve always been “schedule” type of people, not that we had a choice.  My little guy gets hungry, tired and excited at the same times each day.  The one positive thing about this, is that we can usually plan around his naps.  He ate his lunch, fell asleep in the car on the way to the restaurant and slept for a solid two hours, just enough for us to enjoy our very gourmet lunch, good conversation and fantastic wine.

What We Ate


We each ordered the tasting menu for 38 euro, but substituted the cous cous with the Verrigni spaghetti in a sea urchin sauce. We drank a bottle of  Stralusto di Cerosa (2008) from the Guccione Winery, a completely biodynamic Cellar from Sicily and finished off the meal with yummy desserts.

Squid tagliatelle with tomato panzanella and pistachios

ReasonsToDress.com Osteria Il Grano di Pepe Ravarino Modena, Italy

Octopus with seaweed pesto and herbed potato cream


Pumpkin, red mullet and verbena granita

ReasonsToDress.com Osteria Il Grano di Pepe Ravarino Modena, Italy


Deep-fried Sicilian red shrimps with fig chutney


Verrigni spaghetti in a sea urchin sauce with Pianogrillo organic olive oil

This was a fantastic meal.  I’m not really well-versed in the whole extremely gourmet food scene, but I’m studying (this is the yummiest studying I have ever done too!).
Needless to say this meal sparked in me a deep and profound interest in real gourmet cooking.  I’ve been to a lot of fancy restaurants in my life between New York, Paris and Milan but admittedly this is the first time I’ve paid for it myself!  When work is footing the bill you can go to some pretty amazing restaurants, but this was definitely one of the best and most expensive I have ever been to and when the bill came it wasn’t so hard to swallow (see what I did there!).
The meal was approximately  80 euros each for lunch, which is around $110 a person, a little more than what we usually spend in a pizzeria, but not that much considering I had gone on a culinary adventure.
Tomorrow I’ll be sharing with you the big surprise I gave my husband for Valentine’s Day, it will be the experience of a lifetime, so feel free to visit tomorrow to find out what I gave him and how I gave it!!

What I Wore

This lunch was a perfect reason to dress and I’ve done a whole post about what I wore here.
Osteria Il Grano di Pepe is located at Via Roma 178/A in Ravarino, Modena.  It is closed on Mondays and the number for reservations is 059 905529.




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  • Looks like it was a really fantastic meal. Now I need to go find lunch, and a great one at that.

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  • Every single bit of this looks AMAZING! I want to go there!

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    • It was!! You should see the restaurant where I am taking my husband on Wednesday , it is considered by many to be number 1 in the world! The Chef, Massimo Bottura, creates more than food, he creates epic culinary adventures!!! Alison I highly encourage you to come to Modena, you can stay with us (no kidding) and I’l give you a list of things to try!!

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  • It’s always awkward to have friends who don’t have children. I try to make time for my own without a lot of toddler drama. I always feel like I am taking up all their time with a bunch of “look! look at my child! say she’s gorgeous! SAY IT!!!” talk. Looks like you had a lot of fun and what amazing looking food!
    Coming from #SITsBlogging & The Comment Love Tribe

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    • I think no matter HOW LITTLE you talk about your children you can’t help but say “look at my child they are so cute, funny, bright….whatever”. Ugh, it gets annoying when you are on the receiving end of this though. I have to make a conscious effort to not seek compliments (even though he is so damn cute!)

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  • AJ

    Everything looks DELICIOUS! OMG, I am so hungry now!!! YUM!

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    • AJ, you need to read the review that I just posted on the blog of the restaurant run by the World’s best Chef!

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  • I want to start doing more fine dining. Right now we don’t eat out much due my children’s allergies and lack of babysitter, but we’re going to researching and finding fine dining restaurants that are family friendly and have food that will our food allergy needs. Glad that you all had a wonderful lunch. You had some very adventurous eats.

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  • Looks like an amazing meal. I have a one year old that won’t let me eat at McDonalds much less a sit down restaurant lol. I really miss dining out, (sigh). Those days will be back soon, I hope. #SITSBlogging

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