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Italy in the Spring is not as warm as you think, I’ve touched upon inappropriate tourist dressing in this post.  For example, tomorrow will be 23 degrees Celsius  (73.4 Fahrenheit) and sunny, however, today was 15 Celsius (59 Fahrenheit) with wind and rain! dressing for a trip to Italy in the Spring, dressing and packing for a trip to Rome in the Spril, How to dress in Rome in April

What to Pack : The Essentials

These 6 years in Italy have taught me a few things about dressing in the spring in Europe, especially while on vacation with a toddler.  You will need:
  1. A rain proof (preferably fashionable) hat.  You can’t comfortably hold an umbrella while pushing a stroller, which means if you want to keep your hair looking decent you must keep it dry!    I own 3 stylish rain hats that I alternate between! I keep my eyes open at Zara and H&M for nice rain gear and have also found a super stylish grey and pink rain poncho at TopShop that is perfect for bike riding in the rain!
  2. The italian spring means LAYERING!! You’ll need cotton undershirts, light cotton/wool blend cardigans and sweaters plus a light trench or wool and linen blend  coat.
  3. A SCARF is a must and  I’ve written here about the dreaded Italian “draft”.  If you want to survive the Italian Spring you NEED A SCARF becuase your neck MUST be covered at ALL COSTS.  One of the worst illnesses that you can have in Italy is the awful “mal di gola”………God that sounds terrible doesn’t it? That’s right ……”MAL    DI     GOLA” otherwise known as  “a soar throat”!! To Italians it’s as bad as saying you suffer from a flesh eating disease.
  4. You shoes must be Closed Toe!   Meaning no flip flops until June, and only at the beach!
  5. The WORST thing you can do is SWEAT ….I’ll get to this later

The Art of Packing

So I’ll admit that I’m not the best packer in the world….or at least I used to be AWFUL at packing before I became a mom but I am slowly getting better.


As a traveling 20 year old, I would often vacation with a 25 kg (like 55 lbs)  suitcase!  When I met my husband,  my suitcase was something like 70 lbs and I had to pay a $250 weight surcharge fee at the airport ….what the heck was so important that I needed to spend that kind of extra money to bring it with me on vacation?


Now, I realize that I just wasn’t very good at planning in advance and thinking about the weather at my destination.


Fast forward to now.


These days I often take vacations alone with my toddler and am responsible for lugging around stuff for the both of us.  I’ve taken him on trans-atlantic flights alone, to the beach for two weeks alone (two times) and recently returned from a 6 day trip to Rome alone.

Lugging around a kid with stroller and his bag of toys, snacks, diapers and water + a purse + his stuff for 6 days  + toiletries + my stuff for 6 days + a computer, camera and chargers on the Rome subway, tram, bus and trains is not an easy feat!


To prepare for what I would want to wear I spent the night before doing some outfit combinations.


Outfit Combinations


I started off with a few basics and worked from there.  I only needed to dress for 6 days and these are the outfits I came up with using:

  • 2 pairs of shoes Chelsea Boots and Nike Runners
  • 2 Belts
  • 3 Scarves
  • 2 pairs of pants and
  • 8 tops

I came up with 13 outfit combinations that did NOT include repeat outfits. My conclusion?? TOO MANY!



That’s when I figured I had too much stuff in the mix and for 6 days all I needed was

  • 1 pair of shoes (the Chelsea Boots)
  • 2 pairs of pants
  • 2 scarves (but 1 would have been fine)
  • 1 belt
  • 6 tops (but I would have been fine with less….but hey, variety is the spice of life)


I was comfortable the whole trip, had plenty of changes of clothes and took up very little packing space.


I know there are backpacking moms that can get away with one top and one pair of pants etc.  but hey it is important to remember that I’m in Italy, quite possibly the most fashionable country on the planet AND I’m definitely not a backpacking type.  Having said that I would love to hear what you pack for week long trips and what the spring is like where you live!





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  • Hi!

    I’ve just found this post through #AllAboutYou.

    One word: JEALOUS! Those outfits you put together were amazing. I have been finding it so hard to dress now that I’m a mum. I haven’t got a clue what works for me anymore.

    I have also struggled with how to not get wet when it’s raining; you’re right, you can’t hold an umbrella or try keep a hood up when your hands are already busy. I’m just not sure I suit hats!

    Can’t wait to have a really good look around your site; it looks incredible.


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    • Beth I just visited your blog for the first time, I would love to help you with your new mom dressing dilemma!!! Especially since you are a working mom, the options for you are endless! I just read through most of your style posts and I want you to know that I totally can relate to your style dilemmas and closet clean out frustrations.

      I wish I could shop and do “dress-up” dates with you because you seem totally sweet (based on your blog….but who knows the truth!) and your style is actually really nice. Since having my son I try not to wear / buy things that need ironing, HUGE cotton fan here, and I try to dress that fine line between being comfortable without looking like I’m going to the gym!

      Do you prefer skirts or pants? Maybe I could pull together some outfit suggestions.

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  • You have some great tips there. I think it’s really useful to know these kinds of things before going on holiday! #AllAboutYou

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    • I still have so much to learn when it comes to packing “light”, I’m usually an over planner – over packer type and just now trying to find my happy medium. Thanks for commenting!

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  • Oh how I wish I was packing to head to Rome! #AllAboutYou

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  • What great tips! Now I better plan a trip to Rome! I found you through Pleated Poppy. When you get a minute, I’d love it if you stopped by my blog.

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    • I will totally stop by your blog Courtney! Feel free to adapt these tips for a trip to anywhere! I also love staycationing!

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  • I vacationed in italy in early spring once and it was freeeezzzing at night – I was glad I packed some warm layers!


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  • I live in London and yet somehow haven’t worked out that I totally need a rain hat until I read this post! Hoods always seem to fall off my head, and I’m left grappling a brolly – no no no, I am on a mission now to take your advice! My one pieces of advice though is to always always pack a sarong/pareo. It multitasks as a scarf, skirt, dressing gown/wrap, baby blanket for rooms that get too chilly, or just to lay as a sheet in an unfamiliar place so that the child’s bed smells of mama. I never go away without one regardless of the season. #AllAboutYou

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  • I need this, i pack so so so so heavy when I travel. My husband is always shouting at me. I just have no idea what NOT to take, so I take it all. I regret it every time and say I’ll pack less next time. You’ve done so well. Thanks for linking up with us for #SundayTraveler

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    • This used to be me! But thankfully I’ve taken so many RyanAir flights now that I have the packing with the bare necessities (for myself) down to a fine art…the problem is packing for my 2 year old. I seem to FILL my suitcase up with his stuff 🙁

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  • Great tips! Practice definitely makes perfect when it comes to packing light. I’d always get overzealous about bringing as few clothes as possible but end up regretting not having a warmer jacket. Love seeing all your outfit combos.

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  • Ooh, these are great tips! I assumed it was a lot warmer in Italy during that time! We’re thinking of going to Italy next May, so wondering what the temperatures might be like throughout the country (Venice, Tuscany, Riviera, Rome, Amalfi Coast) in early-mid May? Thanks! Nice to find out about your blog through #SundayTraveler!

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  • The more I travel the better I get at packing. I still sometimes have a tendency to pack too much though. I can’t imagine having to juggle all that along with stuff for your toddler. Thanks for linking up to the #SundayTraveler.

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