PERCEPTIO {seize, conceive, perceive}


A while ago I mentioned that I was working on all sorts of projects, one of my favorite’s is PERCEPTIO, a huge initiative by mom and fashion blogger extraordinaire, Angela Pavese from Imperfecti and her partner Cinzia Paolini designer for Della Paolini Shoes and Owner of Bounty Concept Store.


Mothers of Fashion

I love that so many of the women involved in this project are moms working in fashion. Out of the blogger/media partners involved 4 of 5 are MOMS! From left to right: Me!, Michela Patrini – Fashion Able, Alessia Foglia – Nothing to Amend, Gina Beltrami – F LOVER and Angela Pavese – Imperfecti, feel free to visit these super stylish Italian beauties for the latest looks and trends from Milan, Brescia, Carpi and Modena!


First and foremost they are WOMEN, and I think it is really important to notice and focus on women’s roles in the fashion industry internationally.  Women who put in the long hours, energy and creativity to make the fashion wheel go ’round like Emilia Fontana, the artisan behind the brand BeWhy, and Cinzia Paolini.

Perceptio 3011


Perceptio is a latin word meaning seize, conceive and perceive.  I LOVE THIS as a name of a project! Seize the opportunity, Conceive the plan and Perceive its success!


On February 14th I spoke at the press conference held as part of the Ricomincio Da Me tradeshow.  Perceptio is a project that aims to bring artisan brands together with new audiences and bloggers.  Keep your eyes open for Perceptio, and I’ll share more along the way!

What I Wore


Not sure if you can tell from the photo, but I’m probably the most subdued of fashion bloggers!  I wear hardly any makeup and I walked to the press conference that day from my house, so I wore my flat over the knee boots instead of heels (even though this could have been a GREAT reason to wear heels!).



I’m wearing a new necklace from the murano glass artisan Susanna Martini, a fabulous artist and entrepreneur. She and her store La Gioja will be featured this week on the blog, and next month you’ll have a chance to win this very necklace and its complimentary earrings in a box set including real traditional Balsamic Vinegar.


I’m also wearing my real leather rucksack by La Vacchetta Grassa, if you haven’t had a chance to enter the giveaway yet to win one of these for yourselves, feel free to enter below!



This bag is completely hand made in Modena, Italy in the bottega La Vachetta Grassa, who I’ve featured before in this post.  You’ll notice over the next few months that I will be featuring more and more local designers and artisans as part of my new series HAND MADE, and I’ll be featuring monthly giveaways as well. In October of 2013, 1 year and 4 months ago I decided to “really” start blogging.  This blog is an ever changing platform, but I now realize that one of the things that I want to communicate is to buy less and buy better, even if that means buying used, vintage, unknown and no name!


Style is over and above trends, and I want to really invest in things I will LOVE and CHERISH and that will LAST ME and this is no easy feat. My closet is tight and my wallet even tighter! Please take a moment to enter the giveaway, if you win this bag I guarentee you will LOVE it!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


    Now onto YOUR style…  

#REASONSTODRESS Real Mom Street Style Linkup


 This week I am so happy to have Ada from Elegance and Mommyhood as my lovely co-host!

  Ada is one of the most active members of the everyday style community.  She posts very often, comments regularly and does everything she can to be a social and supportive blogger.  I wanted to congratulate her for her recent 1,000th post!! It is not always easy finding the time to blog and yet Ada finds a way and has stuck with it! What an inspiration! Feel free to pay her a visit and follow along!   Schermata 2015-02-24 a 10.39.04   bloggerdivision  

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Feel free to follow Reasons to Dress on Bloglovin’ so you never miss a post!

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  • ADA

    Hoot hoot – first to comment. Thanks so much Beautiful Angela for having me co-host today, focusing on my 1000th post and picking that outfit of mine. Thanks for all the very kind words. My post is up also so come take a peek.

    I loved finding more stylish Italian moms to see. Great round-up as usual. =)

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  • What a great project to be part of! I’m looking forward to seeing more! You look great! I love the neutral colors of this classic look!

    In Pink

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  • It’s so great to read ALL about your projects & fun times. You looked smashing & I hope I win that rucksack..if not, it’s going on my wish-list to get when I’m in Modena:)

    It’s lovely seeing Ada cohosting with you! Such a lovely lady.

    Have a great week lovely Mama!

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  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    You look beautiful with hardly any makeup and I adore that coat you have on. You do so many neat things, I love the fashion art boards! And, Ada makes a great co-host!

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  • Reasons to close this blog

    Not sure how I stumbled on this blog. It’s the worst piece of shit on the internet that I’ve ever seen. The posts are so dumb and the Blogger is fugly. Stop sharing pictures of yourself. You look like a midget troll that lives under a bridge. You have a face that belongs behind the camera – not in front of it. Nobody gives a shit about the pieces of Salvation Army and Goodwill clothing that you pick up from their garbage bin. Get a real job and before you give fashion advice, look in the mirror and get a stylist!

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    • This comment just made my day. My blog is now fairly well read and followed by I longed for the day when I would have my very own troll! It is obvious you’ve been following for a while, and that you read every post to the end. You are probably one of my most loyal follower and every time you visit your pageview brings me more ad revenue. Maybe you are a failed blogger or just have blogger envy, and you see the success I’m slowly building but it bothers you because you’re incapable of following through on the projects you start. My blog is a reminder of your own shortcomings. you’ve just verified that my google stats aren’t lying, every week my blog is growing and getting more reach and I’m probably going to go professional because I now make more at blogging than I did with my day job! Thank you so much for coming by and leaving this well thought out comment, and for taking your time to create a new e-mail address just to leave it! I’m sorry to see that your having an identity criss, but I thank you for being a loyal follower of!!

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      • And you don’t know how to hide your ip address! I just looked you up! I even know, rest assured I’ll inform Rogers cable of internet troll habits! AND it is nice to see that a fellow Canadian from my very own province is reading along. I hope you enjoy the – 20 weather in Toronto, today in Modena it is +10 and sunny! You should get to bed, its late there instead of pouring over my every post and word! #loser

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  • I’ll be there today Alice!

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  • Thank you Riva, so nice to have you comment and come by!

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  • Alicia, that is so nice of you to say thank you.

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  • This post makes me so happy. I’ve been seeing so much HOPE here in Italy – designers. people who keep pushing on with their craft even when it might not bring in so much money (hello taxes). i need that backpack in my life.

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  • This is a great initiative! For some weird reason, when I’m trying to find the latest post via the top widget, I end up with posts 1 year old. That said, I love gnocco fritto! It’s not something for every day so 😉

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    • The top widget, the one that scrolls …used to be my latest posts, but now it is random from my archives. I did this to try and get a little more attention for my older posts! You can find my latest posts on the homepage under “latest posts”. But THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing this to my attention . I love gnocco fritto as well…btw!

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  • Yes, I hope they love it! I use mine daily….not sure if I’ll ever wear another bag!

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  • Sydney Fashion Hunter

    I love your coat and bag. Have entered the comp … fingers crossed 🙂

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  • What a fantastic idea!
    I adore that necklace; it caught my eye in the very first photo!

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  • How lovely you all are! This is such a nice way to introduce great blogs around the globe and blogisphere!
    Hi Ada, nice to meet you!!

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