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Last week I read this post by a fantastic blogger I’ve been following for a while named Agnes, she blogs at Vodka Infused Lemonade and I like her blog because, like me, she’s interested in fashion WITHOUT being a fashion blogger.  She’s a mom, she’s a woman, she’s real.



And a few days ago she wrote about going make-up free!  Surprisingly enough Agnes has a very supportive husband who tells her she is beautiful without her make up on, and in my humble opinion he is RIGHT!

Vodka Infused Lemonade




Today on her blog you will find a great link-up featuring photographs of real women without their make up on declaring to the world I AM BEAUTIFUL.  Please go on over and say hello! I will be “linking up” this photo I took last night sans make-up!

I wear VERY little make up …. now.  But once upon a time, a few years ago, I was in a bad place.  My marriage had ended, I was newly single, feeling kind of lost and a little out of control.  There was nothing stable, reassuring or positive in my life. I went through a whole string of very strange and often unhealthy relationships and I spent a LOT OF MONEY at the drugstrore.


My self-confidence level was low and I kept thinking that I had to fix myself up… change, improve, get “perfect”.  Aside from facials, masks and scrubs I also “invested” in a  machine that I was suppose to use twice DAILY with “crystals”  that were pore redefining. Or perhaps the crystals were supposed to eliminate my pores?


Who knows? In any event it did nothing aside from cost a FORTUNE…crystals don’t come cheap.


Aside from all the beauty treatments I was also wearing make up.  Like a TON of makeup.  My eyes were the smokiest, my skin “flawless” (aka cakey) and my eye lashes voluminous (aka clumpy).  I couldn’t even LOOK PEOPLE in the eyes unless I felt “confident” with my appearance, meaning that my hair, make up and clothes were perfect.


It was all very exhausting


Fast Forward a few years and I’m in a completely different place.  Not only do I NEVER step inside of a drugstore anymore, but the amount of money I spend on “perfection” is next to zero and my daily beauty routine is much more about vitamins, supplements, drinking water and using argan oil (see this post) than anything else.


I try to use make up to ENHANCE my natural features not hide them.  If you can imagine I used to try and COVER my freckles in the summer (when they are at their most freckly) with foundation!  Do you have any idea how much foundation is needed to cover freckles?



When I started this blog and decided to include the Real Mom Street Style feature I wanted to inspire all moms to look their best.  To me, looking your best doesn’t have to be about “perfection” or full make up.  It is more about not letting yourself go.


It is about the message we send to the world when we prepare to be seen.  Or rather when we let our true selves shine through.  I don’t accept that people leave the house in their pjs! I also think reflecting on our real beauty and accepting our flaws is an important part of developing confidence (and if you’re a mom giving confidence to your kids).


I Have Beautiful Friends


I guess I’m now an official “blogger” and with this new aspect of my life I’m developing new friendships both on and offline.  I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some fantastic women who vowed to post make-up free photos of themselves for the whole world to see!


Zaz from Mama and More


Zaz is incredible, not only is she beautiful outside but this lady is genuine, interesting and MOTIVATING.  Every Tuesday on her blog you will find women from all over the world posting stories about themselves, it is called #AllAbouYou – The All About you Link and Pin Party, and is aimed to remind us to take a moment for ourselves each week.  Nuture our souls, our interests and our minds since, as moms, a lot of our time is spent nurturing others.


When I read her blog I feel like I am really entering into a conversation with her and she has the ability to bring out the “feminist” in me without being overtly so herself.  She is the friend that you feel grateful for and, luckily for us, she blogs so you can be her friend too!


Here she is without make up… don’t you think she’s so pretty?  She’s shared some great thoughts on make up here that take an interesting look at the delicate balance that we play as role models for our daughters.

mama and more


Katie from Pouting in Heels


I just discovered this beautiful mom and needless to say, if I looked like her I probably would never wear make up!   She’s written about going make up free here and just try NOT TO CRY when she describes her favorite photo of herself!

Pouting in Heels


Vicki from Mummys Got Style


Vicki posted this picture of her and her son a year ago without her make up on.  She is a VERY put together fashion blogger with nice style, so I can imagine that this was actually pretty hard for her to share.  She was surprised at the great response she got from her readers at her low-maintenance look, and I have to admit I love her face au natural!


Schermata 2014-03-04 a 08.50.51


Today is MARTEDI GRASSO “Fat Tuesday”, which is interesting because in internet land everyone is talking about taking their masks OFF and in real life everyone is putting their masks on!  Tomorrow I’ll be talking about the history of masks and Carnival and sharing with you one of the most famous Carnivals in the world The Carnevale di Venezia.


Of course if you haven’t gotten your fill of naturally beautiful women I urge you to head on over to the All About You linkup and the I AM BEAUTIFUL link up and don’t be afraid to comment!


Later today I’ll be posting my Real Mom Street Style Feature, but for now I have to go make home made treats for my son’s playgroup since we are having our CARNEVALE FESTA!!!!!



#AllAboutYou Link & Pin Party Mama and More





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  • Yes, I love this, and I love how you shared your story of how in the past you weren’t, but these days you are comfortable enough to embrace natural beauty!

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    • Thank you Rachel, sometimes it’s hard not to be embarrassed of things we’ve done in the past but to think of them as important lessons for who we are today.

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  • Beautiful post (forgive the intended pun). So lovely, and I agree with you Zaz is great. This “I am Beautiful” link up is also superb. xx

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    • Liska thank you so much for coming by. ZAZ is great, in fact tomorrow I’ll be featuring her awesome style for a little “Real Mom Style” Feature!

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  • Agi

    I can’t thank you enough for joining me in my link up. It means a lot to me that people take the time to read my blog and then to take the time to join me for a link up. YOu look amazing. absolutely stunning without make up on. All the ladies you featured do. Thank you so much. I really mean it.



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    • Awww Agi, my pleasure! It wasn’t a planned post so I got up early to write it (and corrected the grammatical errors half an hour ago!!!) but I really loved the idea you had and the reaction Zaz had, it was a natural “movement” and I’m so happy to be involved.

      TODAY HOWEVER I am wearing makeup, well actually concealer, I didn’t want people to think these bags under my eyes were for groceries and start handing me carrots so I covered them up! But that’s ok!

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  • Thank you SO much for including me in your wonderful post and also for being so brave and sharing a little of your story.

    It’s funny how when we are at our most vulnerable, we find something to hide behind like too much alcohol, too much food or too much make up!

    I’m delighted to hear that now you are in a much happier place, you feel confident enough to show off more of your natural beauty. Well done you 🙂 X

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    • Katie it was my pleasure, so happy to have found your blog. I’m trying to make a list of all of the blogs I would like to read weekly and you are on it!

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  • This is a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing with us. I can definitely relate with you. When I decided to end my first marriage (still a taboo in India), I went through an emotional roller coaster ride as well. It was hard to focus on things that were great in life. After living in a hell for a year with no power to spend my own hard earned momey, I burned a big hole in my pocket by buying everything that I thought I deserved. Clothes, shoes, and oh yes, a brand new car. All of it on a fellowship that paid me $35k. After meeting my now husband I started seeing the world differently. Now, married for four years and mama of a wonderful 16 months old, my outlook is quite different. Infact, I am loving my new body and new confidence since I entered in the motherhood.
    Thank you again for sharing your story and you are gorgeous!

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    • Monika WOW thank you for sharing!! We went through something that sounds very similar. Life is a constant process of self-renewal and self discovery….I guess the lesson is also to have some self control!!

      Thank you for coming by and leaving this comment much appreciated, Angie

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  • So cool that you joined in with this, love seeing all of you ladies sans make-up and gorgeous. I was planning on joining in, but a pic of me with no make-up and a cold was a step too far, no-one needs to see that!! #AllAboutYou

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  • Lovely lady, I’d commented and then it disappeared, and I was so frustrated I left it for too long! Thank you, thank you so much for engaging with this little project, and thank you for this post and for sharing so honestly. I know that out of control feeling so very well, and also the desire to fill that hole with something, anything. So pleased that you – we – are in a much better place now, long may it continue, it’s a constant journey. I’m so touched by your kind words, really appreciated, and happy you linked this to #AllAboutYou xx

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    • hmmm maybe my comment system made your comment disappear. Sorry about that. i can leave the house now without a bit of makeup and not even think twice about it, years ago that would have been impossible for me. I love the fact that you did this ALL week, and I especially love your daughters observations!

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  • Thanks so much for including me in your post with my archived post, I love my make up but feel quite liberated without and more confident since kids really to go au naturel! You look wonderful without and it’s so brilliant to see so many beautiful natural faces looking back at me from this post!

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    • I couldn’t agree more, it is liberating going without, actually I go without pretty frequently because sometimes I just need to get out the door! But when I do find the time to put on a bit of makeup I feel more put together and confident. Your makeup always looks perfect, I’m open to suggestions!

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